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Adenomyosis is Genetically Related, Six Ways to Prevent It

The emergence of adenomyosis makes many women particularly distressed. It is also a common gynecological disease. The causes are also various. Women must care for their daily living habits and do preventive work.



Causes of adenomyosis


1. Genetic factors: the onset of adenomyosis shows family aggregation and genetic tendencies. Medical experts believe that the occasion of adenomyosis caused by genetic factors is related to environmental factors.


2. Uterine surgery and improper operation: performing a cesarean section, second-trimester cesarean section, uterine fibroids removal, uterine deformity correction, etc. During the uterine process, it is very likely that the endometrial fragments will be brought with women. Entering the myometrium may also damage the myometrium, thereby increasing the incidence of adenomyosis.


3. Reproductive tract obstruction factors: congenital or acquired diseases can cause genital tract obstruction, preventing menstrual blood from flowing out and causing adenomyosis.


4. Age factor: Adenomyosis generally occurs in women between 40 and 50 years old. Women in this age group are in the range of menopause. The ovarian function begins to decline or even shrinks and ages. Ovarian ovulation is sparse until it stops, estrogen. The level is relatively increased, and progesterone is relatively low, leading to ovarian dysfunction. If the estrogen level in the body is too high, the endometrium will over-proliferate and spread to the myometrium to induce adenomyosis.


5. Progesterone: What are the causes of adenomyosis? Experts pointed out that adenomyosis is higher in postpartum women than in non-parturient women, which shows that adenomyosis is related to progesterone.



Adenomyosis prevention


1. Reasonable diet: Women should consider diet science, avoid greasy and high-fat foods, maintain a light and nutritious diet, and avoid spicy and irritating foods.


2. Maintain a good attitude: Maintain optimism, learn to control emotions, avoid excessive stress, irritability, depression, and other harmful feelings, so as not to affect the endocrine and cause uterine muscle syndrome.


3. Develop good living habits: Rest more, exercise correctly, keep warm during menstruation, use quality sanitary products, and prohibit sex.


4. Reduce uterine cavity operations: Uterine cavity operations will not cause blood backflow and cause uterine spasms. Therefore, females should reduce uterine cavity operations to avoid unavoidable harm to the uterus.


5. Actively treat reproductive diseases: Many reproductive conditions will cause poor or inoperable discharge of menstrual blood, which will cause uterine myopathy for a long time.


6. Unnecessary gynecological examinations should be avoided during menstruation: Do not squeeze the uterus excessively when checking to prevent pressing the endometrium into the fallopian tube, causing endometrium implantation in the abdominal cavity.


For the treatment of adenomyosis, if surgery is chosen, the only cost is to remove the uterus or ovaries, and the postoperative recurrence rate is high. After removing the uterus, it can also cause a series of symptoms such as blood sugar, increased blood lipids, endocrine dysfunction, aggravation of menopausal symptoms, and decreased sexual function. 


If some hormone-containing drugs are used, although they can temporarily inhibit the growth or progression of the ectopic intima, the recurrence rate is high after stopping the medication. Therefore, neither of them is an ideal method to treat this disease.


At present, the ideal method for treating adenomyosis is mainly herbal medicine, such as Fuyan Pill. The use of herbal medicine will not cause side effects because the ingredients are natural herbs. It has solid bactericidal power, can preserve the uterus, kill most bacteria in the body, and significantly reduce the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Moreover, there is no need to be hospitalized, and the risk of treatment is also tiny.


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