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Can Adenomyosis Be Cured Without Medicine? Can Women Still Get Pregnant?

Many women who plan to become pregnant will go to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination to see if they are eligible for pregnancy. However, some of these women may be unlucky enough to be diagnosed with Adenomyosis, so they are more worried.



Can Adenomyosis heal itself?


Adenomyosis cannot be cured by itself, but it can control the condition not to affect everyday life. Nearly 35% of patients with Adenomyosis have no apparent symptoms. As long as the quality of life is not impacted for such patients, regular inspections and prevention are enough. The consequences of incurable Adenomyosis include increased menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual period, anemia, enlarged uterus, and affects pregnancy, etc., which may lead to a severe decline of the quality of life. Therefore, patients with Adenomyosis should be actively treated.


How much does Adenomyosis affect pregnancy?


The impact of Adenomyosis on pregnancy depends on the extent, severity, and symptoms of the disease. If the patient's symptoms are not obvious, then the possibility of affecting pregnancy is tiny. On the contrary, it will affect pregnancy. 


The risk of pregnancy with Adenomyosis is closely related to the severity of the disease. Patients with a significantly enlarged uterus and endometrial hyperplasia are difficult to conceive. If an early pregnancy occurs, premature delivery or miscarriage cannot be ruled out. But if the pregnancy can be expected, then the possibility of safe production is very high.



How to scientifically prepare for pregnancy for patients with Adenomyosis?


The scientific method of preparing pregnancy for patients with Adenomyosis is to use drugs or surgery to treat and control symptoms. Patients with Adenomyosis have noticeable uterine enlargement, endometrial hyperplasia, and progressive dysmenorrhea, and they need to manage their symptoms before preparing for pregnancy. 


The probability of pregnancy in patients with Adenomyosis depends on the symptoms and signs. If the pathology does not cause the uterus to increase significantly, the endometrium is proliferated, and the degree of dysmenorrhea is aggravated, then the pregnancy may not be affected. Otherwise, the probability of pregnancy may decrease.


Adenomyosis cannot be cured without medicine, so don't be lucky, go to the hospital in time for scientific treatment, and it's better not to get pregnant before the disease is cured. Otherwise, It is very likely to affect the normal development of the fetus and even affect the adults.


Adenomyosis is the longest occurrence among 50-year-old women, and women who enter menopause are most likely to occur. Can Adenomyosis be pregnant? Adenomyosis can be treated. Adenomyosis can be divided into conservative treatment and surgical treatment. So do not worry about the question of whether female Adenomyosis will affect pregnancy.


1. Conservative treatment.


This kind of conservative treatment is to save the uterus and avoid total resection. It is used for young women who require fertility and women who are close to menopause. Medications such as the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill are also the most critical treatment methods. Patients can actively take the natural medicine Fuyan Pill to consolidate the treatment. The effect of natural herbs in the formula can reach the focus and has an excellent therapeutic effect in the treatment of Adenomyosis. This treatment is suitable for young people or women who have fertility needs.


2. Surgical treatment.


Can Adenomyosis become pregnant? Will this treatment affect it? For the localized Adenomyosis, as long as it is surgically removed. The uterus can also be preserved. But if it is diffuse, the uterus can also be thinned by surgery, and medications after surgery can also be pregnant, but this situation may recur.


Can women get pregnant with Adenomyosis? As for the question of whether Adenomyosis can be pregnant, you may know something about it. What is the cause of Adenomyosis is still not clear. If women want to give birth to patients, it is best to treat them when the disease has not entirely relapsed to avoid missing a good opportunity for treatment.


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