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What are the Characteristics of Adenomyosis? Is It Serious?

Many women don't care much about their body changes in real life, so sometimes they don't know when they have a disease. One of the gynecological diseases is called adenomyosis, which is not easily detected. So for women to check if they have adenomyosis, let's find out what the characteristics of adenomyosis are? Is it serious?



Four significant symptoms of adenomyosis


1. Menstrual disorders: 


Patients will have the symptoms of more menstrual volume and prolonged menstrual period. Many women will have the symptoms of spotting bleeding before and after their menstrual period. Due to the enlargement of the uterus, the lining area of the uterine cavity will increase, which affects the contraction of the uterine muscle fibers. Thus the condition of menstrual disorders will occur, and the menstrual volume will become more.


2. Dysmenorrhea: 


Most women will have dysmenorrhea. The dysmenorrhea caused by adenomyosis is mainly pain caused by uterine spasms. Women will stimulate the uterine wall during menstruation by the discharge of menstrual blood, which will produce spasmodic contraction and eventually will have severe pain during menstruation.


3. Spasms and colic: 


Adenomyosis will appear cramps and colic. Severe pain will be unbearable. Sometimes there will be painful intercourse. Many women do not dare to have sex, thus leading to a severe decline in the quality of sex life.


4. Infertility: 


Adenomyosis can cause infertility because it is accompanied by endometriosis. It resulting in fertilization of the egg can not be a regular bed, which will make it much more difficult for women to conceive.


Is adenomyosis serious?


Adenomyosis varies in severity. About 35% of patients with adenomyosis have no symptoms, while some patients with adenomyosis have severe dysmenorrhea and menstrual changes. The risks of adenomyosis include:

· Increased menstrual flow.

· Prolonged menstrual periods.

· Progressive worsening of dysmenorrhea.

· Enlargement of the uterus.

· Adverse effects on female reproductive function.


Does adenomyosis get better after menopause?


Some patients with adenomyosis will improve after menopause and show signs of symptom reduction. However, the degree of improvement depends on the severity of the lesion. For patients with mild or no symptoms, the symptoms associated with adenomyosis will improve as the endometrium shrinks after menopause. If a patient has significant dysmenorrhea and an enlarged uterus before menopause, it is unlikely that the condition will be remitted.


It shows that there are many clinical manifestations of adenomyosis. It is also quite obvious, so women must pay more regard to their body changes in their daily lives. Once there is an abnormal situation to seek medical attention in time. Otherwise, it may delay the treatment, thus aggravating the disease, usually also paying attention to good lifestyle habits, which can also reduce the possibility of illness.


After the patient has been diagnosed with adenomyosis, he must be actively treated in time. In addition, patients can also actively take natural medicine Fuyan Pill to consolidate the treatment. The effect of natural herbs in the formula can reach the focus and has an extraordinary impact on the treatment of adenomyosis.


In the treatment of adenomyosis, it is possible to treat the symptoms and the overall treatment by making an integrated effort to regulate the patient through herbal medicine. Fuyan Pill can help patients to control the whole body to improve the reproductive system environment and immunity. In addition, herbal treatment has a significant advantage in that it does not produce any side effects so that patients can rest assured.


Of course, lifestyle and eating habits can also lead to adenomyosis. Adhering to a regular exercise routine every day can help you maintain a good body shape and reduce the possibility of adenomyosis. Pay particular attention to some health supplements, which can lead to hormonal imbalance in the body, aggravating the disease, or lead to other conditions.


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