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Does Adenomyosis Must Hysterectomy? What are the Sequelae of Hysterectomy?

Many patients with adenomyosis have dysmenorrhea, enlarged uterus, heavy menstrual flow, prolonged menstruation, painful intercourse, anemia, infertility, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Adenomyosis is a disease caused by endometriotic growth invading the myometrium. The lesion grows with normal uterine muscle tissue. The boundary between the two is not clear, and it is not easy to clear it away. Therefore, many doctors believe that hysterectomy is the only way to treat adenomyosis.



So what are the sequelae of hysterectomy?


1. Inability to have children


Being unable to have children is particularly cruel for a woman, especially a female who has not been married and gave birth. When the uterus is removed, this also means that the woman can no longer give birth because the uterus is the place where the baby is born. 


If there is no uterus in the body, the baby will have no place to conceive in the woman's body. Therefore, if women want a baby of their own, women must protect their uterus. If women suffer from some diseases related to the uterus, women must protect the uterus as much as possible. Otherwise, women will lose a baby. 


2. Decreased ovarian function


When the uterus in the body is removed, women's ovarian function will gradually decline and lose normal functions. It is because the uterus and the ovaries have an inseparable relationship. After the uterus is removed, it will cause the relationship between the two to be disrupted, which will gradually change the ovarian function and fail to function normally.


It is worth noting that the ovarian estrogen secretion organ and the secretion of estrogen have a great relationship with appearance. If the estrogen secretion is sufficient, women will look younger, but it is accessible to enter menopause when the secretion is less. Therefore, under normal circumstances, do not remove the uterus easily.


3. The integrity of the pelvic floor is destroyed


Removal of the uterus requires digging a large hole in the pelvic floor of the body and cutting off the nerves, blood vessels, and ligaments of the uterus that are connected with the uterus. 


From the analysis of the human body environment, the integrity of the pelvic floor will be severely damaged when the uterus is removed. It will result in insufficient support of the pelvic floor, causing sagging of the internal organs so that abnormal movement and widening of bones and organs will occur in the female pelvis, thereby affecting the hip, lower back, and bone structure.


4. Have an impact on the psychology


For women, the uterus is a vital organ in the body. When it is removed, they will be apprehensive about their appearance and aging, worrying that the uterus will bring many side effects and become anxious and disturbed from then on, which causes psychological problems. 


Hysterectomy has many adverse effects on a female. With the advancement of science and technology, modern medical technology can provide the option of not removing the uterus for certain uterine diseases, such as minimally invasive surgery. But after all, each patient's physical condition is different, so be sure to choose the best treatment method that suits physical condition under the advice of a doctor and treat it in time.


Suffering from adenomyosis does not necessarily require a hysterectomy. Conservative treatment with medications is also possible. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be a good choice for female patients. The herbal ingredients of the Fuyan Pill will not cause side effects on the body. 


In the course of treatment, patients need to adjust their mentality and cooperate with the active treatment of doctors. There is still hope for a cure. During treatment, the patient must choose a regular hospital. Blind treatment is not only incurable, but it can also make the disease spread more severely.


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