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3 Types of Exercise for Patients with Adenomyosis

Adenomyosis mainly occurs in multiparous women around the age of 30 to 50. But it can also be seen in young nulliparous women, which may be related to the increase of various uterine cavity operations. The treatment of this disease can be drug intervention or surgical treatment, but it is difficult to cure completely. 

Only patients with postmenopausal adenomyosis can gradually relieve without intervention. Therefore, the choice of the clinical treatment plan should be individualized based on the patient's age, symptoms, and fertility requirements.
The main symptoms of adenomyosis are as follows.
1. Menstrual disorders. The main manifestations are prolonged menstrual periods and increased menstrual volume. Some patients may also experience spotting before and after menstruation. Severe patients may even have anemia.
2. Dysmenorrhea. It is characterized by secondary progressive dysmenorrhea. It usually starts to appear a week before the menstrual period, and when the menstrual period ends, the dysmenorrhea is relieved.
When the symptoms mentioned above occur, or when the patient feels uncomfortable, patients should seek medical treatment in time and undergo treatment and adjustment under the doctor's advice.
If women troubled by adenomyosis accept timely treatment, they need to adjust their lifestyle and diet and exercise more. These can assist in the treatment and promote the recovery of the disease. So, what are the precautions for exercising more for patients with adenomyosis?
First of all, after suffering from adenomyosis, patients should avoid strenuous activities because strenuous activities will aggravate the condition, cause dysmenorrhea or irregular uterine bleeding, and increase the difficulty of treatment. Therefore, although patients can exercise, they must remember to exercise moderately; otherwise, it will deteriorate the disease and affect the treatment effect to a certain extent.
Second, patients can choose exercises that are less physically demanding, less technically demanding, less loaded, or less intense. The most suitable for patients is aerobic exercise. Some patients like to play basketball or sprint, but these sports are strenuous and not ideal for patients with adenomyosis. They should also be careful not to do sports that push the body too much.
Finally, patients with adenomyosis should know that moderate exercise can be used as a clinical adjunct. However, relying solely on exercise cannot completely cure the disease. If you are diagnosed with adenomyosis, you should get treatment as soon as possible.
Herbal medicine believes that adenomyosis is related to blood stasis and internal resistance. Therefore, in terms of treatment, women should take drugs with the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis as the principle. And herbal medicine is Fuyan Pill is better. It can eliminate pain and other symptoms and clean up toxins in the body and increase the chance of natural pregnancy.
Here are three exercises that can also help people with adenomyosis to relieve pain.
1. Square dance
Even with adenomyosis, patients can do square dance because square dance can improve fitness, enhance resistance, and promote disease recovery. In addition, square dancing can also adjust the physiological functions of the body and delay aging, which is very helpful to women's health. Thus it is beneficial for patients to do the square dance appropriately.
2. Yoga
Yoga is also a good way of exercise because yoga has many benefits. It can promote blood circulation and promote detoxification of the body, which is very helpful for disease recovery. However, when practicing yoga, you should pay attention to being moderate, doing it within a short duration, and doing it less forcefully to avoid exercise accidents or affecting your health.
3. Take a walk
People with this disease can also take walking exercises because walking can promote blood circulation, open up the meridians, remove blockages and eliminate blockages, which is very helpful to improve the disease and can be done appropriately. But pay attention when walking, keep your upper body straight, and don't press your chest with your chest; otherwise, it will increase the burden on the chest and cause chest discomfort.
Only correct and effective exercise can relieve symptoms and achieve the effect of being an adjuvant therapy. In addition, during the recovery period, it is necessary to pay attention to moderately conducting sexual life and not overdoing it. If the patients don't want to have children temporarily, they must take safety measures to avoid damage to the uterus, aggravating the disease, or affecting recovery.

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