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Can Adenomyosis Cause Leg Pain?

 Adenomyosis is a relatively common gynecological disease. The incidence is getting higher and higher, and the age is getting younger and younger. 

This disease is usually related to artificial abortion, medical abortion, Caesarean section, and other uterine operations and may also be caused by inflammation of uterine tissue. It is even observed that the endometrial fragments during childbirth do not completely flow out, but remain in the uterus, over time, will induce the formation of adenomyosis.
Adenomyosis brings many adverse symptoms to patients. In addition to severe pain, other clinical signs such as anemia can also occur.
So can adenomyosis cause leg pain?
Clinically, adenomyosis patients often complain of varying degrees of pain in their lower limbs whenever they feel pain and wonder if they have other diseases.
Adenomyosis can cause leg pain symptoms. The involvement of the local area usually causes it. There are nerves in the uterus and accessories when the attack of the disease will be involved in the local nerve, resulting in the performance of leg pain. There is no need to be too nervous. If it is severe, it is recommended to actively go to the hospital for examination when such manifestations occur.
What are the common symptoms of adenomyosis?
1. Dysmenorrhea
Dysmenorrhea is one of the common symptoms of adenomyosis. After the disease, patients will have severe abdominal pain during menstruation or a few days before menstruation. Severe patients will also be bedridden, do not eat or drink, and other manifestations that have a significant impact on their daily life of patients. The degree of dysmenorrhea of adenomyosis is mostly stronger than that of simple dysmenorrhea, and the damage to the body and mind is greater. It is also the most difficult and painful symptom of adenomyosis patients.
2. Anemia
According to clinical observations, more than half of patients with adenomyosis are prone to symptoms of anemia due to excessive menstrual flow. However, because everyone's body is different, the degree of anemia is also other. Patients with mild anemia generally do not need special treatment and only need to pay attention to their diet in their daily life. If the anemia is more serious, it is necessary to actively go to the hospital to control it according to the doctor's guidance.
3. Pain during intercourse
Most adenomyosis can also cause dyspareunia symptoms. That is, patients will feel severe pain during sexual life. This situation will not only bring some discomfort to the patient but may also affect the couple's relationship. The use of drug treatment can improve the clinical symptoms.
4. Anal swelling
Most of the symptoms of adenomyosis patients are accompanied by a feeling of bulging in the anus. It is because if the focus of adenomyosis is close to the posterior wall and downward, it will compress the rectum, causing a feeling of the anal bulge. Severe cases may also present with difficulty in defecation. But because the uterus continues to increase or adenomyoma or fibroids continue to grow, the uterus or adenomyoma, fibroids oppress the rectal position behind the uterus. As a result, it will also cause a feeling of bloating when the anus is falling, so there is a feeling of defecation, and even defecation is difficult.
5. Frequent urination
If the lesions of adenomyosis are in the front, it may compress the bladder, which will cause frequent urination. At this time, the frequency of urination will increase significantly, which will greatly impact normal life. In addition, when the uterus continues to grow, it will also cause pressure on the bladder, resulting in the aforementioned symptoms of frequent urination.
Adenomyosis can cause leg pain. In addition, it can also induce some other symptoms. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible when abnormal symptoms occur again. Adenomyosis, known as "undead cancer," must be taken seriously.
Patients with adenomyosis should receive active and regular treatment at an early stage. It is recommended to choose safe and effective traditional Chinese medicine for treatment, such as Fuyan Pill. It can significantly improve patients' symptoms, cure both the disease and the symptoms, and achieve the effect of treating both the symptoms and the disease.
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