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Treating Adenomyosis Is More Than Just Removing the Uterus

Adenomyosis is a relatively common gynecological disease, the incidence rate is getting higher and higher, and the age of patients is getting younger and younger. It is usually associated with intrauterine operations such as induced abortion, medical abortion, and cesarean section.

It may also be caused by inflammation of the uterine tissue. It may even be that the fragments of the endometrial lining of the mother did not flow out ultimately during childbirth and remained in the uterus, which would induce the formation of adenomyosis over time.
Patients with adenomyosis do not necessarily need to remove the uterus. Whether or not to remove the uterus is related to the severity of the patient's condition. After being diagnosed with this disease, the patient must seek medical attention in time. The doctor will formulate a reasonable treatment plan according to the severity of the patient's condition.
There are many treatment methods for this disease, and clinical decision-making needs to be individualized based on the patient's age, symptoms, and fertility requirements. There are options such as surgery and medication.
Surgical treatment includes radical surgery and conservative surgery. Radical surgery is hysterectomy, and conservative surgery includes excision of adenomyosis lesions and endometrial and myometrial resection.
Adenomyosis Lesion Resection is suitable for patients with reproductive requirements or young patients. Because the lesions of adenomyosis are often diffuse and have unclear boundaries with the uterus's normal muscle tissue, choosing the method of resection to reduce bleeding and residual and facilitate postoperative pregnancy is a more complex problem.
However, if the condition is more serious, the patient should be prepared for a hysterectomy because conservative treatment cannot cure the disease. When adenomyosis spreads significantly, hysterectomy is the best surgical treatment method. Otherwise, it will lead to life-threatening.
However, hysterectomy is not the best option for patients with mild symptoms and those considering fertility requirements. Standardized drug therapy is preferred.
As a complete formula, Fuyan Pill can eliminate pathological changes in gynecological tissues, regulate menstruation, eliminate pain and treat female infertility caused by gynecological diseases and inflammation. Its anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification, and anti-tumor effects can significantly relieve the symptoms of adenomyosis.
In addition, Chinese medicine believes that adenomyosis is related to the internal resistance of blood stasis. The formation of blood stasis is about pathogenic factors such as qi deficiency, cold condensation, qi stagnation, and phlegm-dampness. Therefore, the treatment should be based on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Fuyan Pill has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, strengthening the spleen, and removing dampness.
Therefore, if the condition is not particularly serious, it is best to take conservative treatment. In addition to taking some drugs to treat adenomyosis, patients can also relieve the symptoms of this disease by taking an intrauterine device. The IUD suits those with heavy menstrual flow, dysmenorrhea, and no fertility requirements. They can choose an IUD containing high-efficiency progesterone, which continuously releases progesterone locally in the uterus to control the development of ectopic lesions, which needs to be removed or replaced after five years.
Patients need to adjust their mentality and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment; there is still hope for a cure. It is recommended that patients choose some regular hospitals during treatment. Blind treatment will not cure the disease and lead to aggravation.
During treatment, patients should eat more foods containing protein and vitamins. If you have heavy menstrual flow, eat more iron-rich foods to prevent iron-deficiency anemia. Be sure to eat a light diet. Patients eating spicy and irritating food will lead to aggravation of the disease. They also have to live a regular life and avoid unclean sex habits. They also need to exercise more to boost their immune system.
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