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Adenomyosis: The Little-Known Condition That Can Cause Painful Periods

Painful periods are common in women, so many people do not go to the hospital for treatment. They often use methods such as drinking brown sugar water, applying warm water bags, staying in bed, and taking painkillers. Some dysmenorrhea will be relieved, but there is a type of dysmenorrhea that will not only not reduce but will gradually increase. At this time, you need to be vigilant, which is likely caused by adenomyosis.

Adenomyosis is one of the most common gynecological diseases in women nowadays. Adenomyosis mainly occurs in multiparous women around 30 to 50 years old, but it can also be seen in young nulliparous women, which may be related to cesarean section, induced abortion, etc. There is a particular relationship with the increase in uterine surgery.
Adenomyosis is due to the normal endometrial glands and interstitial heterotopia between the inner muscles of the uterus, namely the myometrium. The myometrium develops lesions, and then it causes periodicity in the myometrium with the menstrual cycle shedding and bleeding. But at this time, they are between the uterine muscles, and the blood cannot flow into the uterine cavity and into the vagina to form menstrual blood like the tissue in the endometrial lining, which makes the uterus large and hard. 
The blood vessels in the myometrium expand, so the menstrual flow will be particularly heavy when menstruation comes, and the destruction of the uterine muscle stimulates the spasmodic contraction of the uterus, which in turn leads to the occurrence of dysmenorrhea symptoms in patients. Most dysmenorrhea will get worse over time, and severe anemia will result.
So how to relieve dysmenorrhea with adenomyosis?
1. Adenomyosis, which can cause severe dysmenorrhea in women every month. In this case, it is recommended that patients with adenomyosis must eat more warm food and drink more hot water to relieve it. Never eat cold, fried, spicy, and other irritating foods because these foods can easily lead to increased blood volume during menstruation and aggravate dysmenorrhea.
2. When women have dysmenorrhea, they can also participate in physical exercises, such as walking, jogging, etc. These exercises can reduce the symptoms of abdominal pain for women but do not participate in too strenuous activity to avoid the aggravation of dysmenorrhea.
3. Women with adenomyosis can also use hot compresses to relieve them. They can use a hot water bottle or steam to keep their belly warm. This method can also be used in the hot summer to relieve abdominal pain symptoms during menstruation better.
In addition to dysmenorrhea, there are other symptoms of adenomyosis. The first symptom is menstrual disorders, manifested as increased menstrual flow and prolonged periods. Secondly, adenomyosis will also have symptoms of frequent urination and urgency. It is because adenomyosis causes the uterus to enlarge and compresses the bladder. The patient will have symptoms of frequent urination and urgency. 
Adenomyosis can also cause pain and infertility in couples. If it is not treated for a long time, it may also cause other gynecological diseases, which is highly detrimental to women's health.
All in all, if there are symptoms such as secondary dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, frequent urination, and urgency, the patient should go to a regular hospital for examination in time and then receive symptomatic treatment under the guidance of a doctor.
Active treatment of the cause is recommended. For women of childbearing age who have no fertility requirements temporarily, short-acting oral contraceptives can be taken orally, or intrauterine progesterone contraceptive systems can be placed. For those who have fertility requirements, pregnancy as soon as possible is the best treatment method. Women without fertility requirements can also use pseudo menopausal therapy to relieve dysmenorrhea.
Patients can also choose the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill to treat adenomyosis. It can clear inflammation, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, regulate menstruation and relieve pain.
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