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Do You Know Some Non-surgical Treatments of Adenomyosis?

I believe that many women do not know much about adenomyosis, so today, I will give you a little knowledge about adenomyosis. It is sure to dawn on you after reading this article.

What is adenomyosis?
The normal endometrium grows only on the surface of the uterine cavity. If it extends beyond this and invades the muscular layer, it becomes a pathological condition called adenomyosis. If the lesion (the site of concentrated disease or the leading area of combined illness or infection.) It becomes an adenomyoma and belongs to the category of Intrinsic Endometriosis. 
The main symptoms of adenomyosis are prolonged periods, increased menstrual flow, secondary progressive dysmenorrhoea, infertility, difficulty with intercourse, painful intercourse, etc. Therefore, once diagnosed, it should be treated aggressively. The main treatment options are surgery and medication.
There are many treatment options for adenomyosis, and most patients with adenomyosis cannot accept the uterus's removal and want to be treated with the uterus preserved. Depending on the patient's age, symptoms, condition, and need for fertility, adenomyosis can be treated with either medication or surgical treatment to keep the uterus.
About some Non-surgical treatment options
1. Fuyan Pill: It clears heat and toxins, activates blood circulation and removes blood stasis, strengthens the spleen and relieves dampness, and anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification, and anti-swelling effects can eliminate gynecological tissue lesions, regulate menstruation, eliminate pain, etc. Treatment of gynecological diseases and female infertility caused by inflammation. Gynecological pills are used to work on a wide range of conditions, and any inflammation within its treatment range can be well cured! 
Because the main symptom of the disease is dysmenorrhea, according to oriental medicine, "if it does not pass, it hurts." Fuyan Pill is designed for menstrual pain caused by adenomyosis. It can activate blood circulation, resolve blood stasis, regulate Qi and relieve pain so that Qi can move the blood and pass through without pain and reach the disease directly.
2. Mirena: An intrauterine device containing progesterone. By slowly releasing progesterone, it inhibits endometriosis in the myometrium to achieve the purpose of relieving dysmenorrhea and reducing bleeding. Mirena is a contraceptive ring that can release highly effective progesterone continuously and is valid for five years. Besides being effective in contraception, it is also effective in treating dysmenorrhoea and excessive menstrual flow in adenomyosis.
The only bad thing is that women with a large uterus cannot use it, and it is easy for the ring to fall off. If the symptoms of adenomyosis are heavy and prolonged, it is better not to waste money on the Mirena because the painful periods will still be there after a period of time.
3. Contraceptive pills: Choose to take oral compound short-acting contraceptive pills before the age of 40. Contraceptive pills, as an exogenous estrogen and progestin preparation, inhibit ovarian function and ovulation, allowing the endometriosis lesions to shrink to relieve symptoms.
4. Denogestrel: a new type of selective progestin preparation, which is currently a more effective treatment for adenomyosis and can be taken at any age.
In addition to the non-surgical treatments mentioned above, radical treatment is surgery, especially among women who have failed conservative treatment or suspect adenomyosis to be malignant. The disease can be eradicated by surgical removal of the uterus.

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