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What Should the Patient with Adenomyosis Do After Pregnancy?

Adenomyosis can cause pathological changes in the female uterus, leading to female infertility. However, there is still a 50% chance of natural pregnancy for patients with mild adenomyosis. Being able to conceive is not easy for patients with adenomyosis.

So what should women with adenomyosis pay attention to after pregnancy?
Compared with others, patients with adenomyosis are more likely to have a spontaneous abortion in the first few months of pregnancy. Because the uterus of patients with adenomyosis is larger than that of normal people, and the uterine wall is harder, the embryo cannot be safely adsorbed on the uterine wall, which is prone to miscarriage.
Therefore, pregnant women with adenomyosis should pay attention to:

1. Early prenatal examination
In early pregnancy, patients with adenomyosis should pay more attention to their fetal conditions. If they have symptoms of discomfort or threatened abortion, they should pay attention in time, and go to the hospital as soon as possible for fetal protection treatment. Under the doctor's guidance, they can use drugs to protect the fetus.
2. Pregnancy examination should be strict
Regularly go to the hospital for pregnancy inspection. Clinicians will give adequate assessment and evaluation according to the mother's physical condition and fetal development. Especially in the first three months, the fetal implantation is still unstable, and the probability of abortion is high.
3. No roommates during pregnancy
The patients with adenomyosis have uterine ductility, poor uterine receptivity, and limited space for fetal development. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy to avoid squeezing the abdomen and hurting the fetus.
4. Reduce exercise
Patients with adenomyosis should pay more attention to rest in the early pregnancy, and can properly carry out some light exercises to avoid heavy physical labor and various vigorous exercises.
5. Diet control
Patients with adenomyosis should pay attention to light diet, strengthen the intake of protein and minerals, ensure a balanced intake of various nutrients, and match meat and vegetables. In addition, pay attention to avoid eating spicy food such as pepper and coffee, and food with too much salt such as bacon and pickles.
6. Choose a natural birth as far as possible
For patients with adenomyosis, it is recommended to choose natural delivery as far as possible to reduce the reinjury of cesarean section to the uterus. The cesarean section will cause damage to the uterus and increase the risk of adenomyosis.

7. Postpartum breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is recommended for postpartum adenomyosis patients. On the one hand, breastfeeding can stimulate the recovery of the uterus so that the uterus can recover to a good state as soon as possible. In addition, breastfeeding can also delay menstruation, and amenorrhea lasts for a long time. The uterus is always in a dormant state. At this time, adenomyosis will atrophy, which will better control the disease.
8. Follow-up observation and treatment
After many women become pregnant, the adenomyosis has been relieved, and the later observation and treatment have been ignored. It is recommended to observe the condition of the uterus closely after delivery and regularly conduct a gynecological examination. If adenomyosis is not treated, it will not be cured. After giving birth to a child, female patients can choose the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill to treat it.
The above is the introduction of what needs to be paid attention to during pregnancy for patients with adenomyosis. I hope it can help you!

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