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Adenomyosis Hurts Like A Knife Cut, How to Relieve It?

Adenomyosis is a common gynecological disease, but it is difficult to cure. It is a disease caused by an invasion of the endometrial glands and stroma into the myometrium of the patients. Women who have given birth are at high risk compared to a few women who have not given birth. 

Along with a woman's menstrual cycle, the endometrium in the muscle layer will also appear bleeding and stripping. Irritation of the myometrium tends to worsen the pain. Many women suffer from the intense adenomyosis pain and complain it is like a knife cut, which can worsen yearly.
Adenomyosis causes menstrual disorders in half of the patients. Patients may have prolonged periods and increased menstrual volume. Some patients will be bleeding before and after menstruation, and women with serious situations will show anemia symptoms. About 25 percent of patients with adenomyosis experience dysmenorrhea, which is persistent and increasing pain. 
The pain usually starts about a week before the period starts and doesn't ease until the period is over. As the disease worsens, patients need to take painkillers to get some relief. At the same time, during the period of the disease, the uterus of patients will be significantly enlarged, and there is a significant pressure pain.
The medical community has not confirmed the etiology of adenomyosis so far. It is generally believed that this disease may have been related to various uterine cavity operations, such as cesarean section, abortion, etc. It may also be associated with chronic endometritis. In addition, hyperestrogenemia and heredity are also high-risk factors for this disease. The disease is difficult to treat and may slowly go away after menopause.
Adenomyosis can be relieved. Conservative therapies, mainly medication, are available. For example, Gestrinone, Mifepristone and Diphereline all have a good effect on treatment. If patients do not demand fertility, adenomyosis can be treated surgically. Patients can choose excision and endometrial removal. To relieve pain, patients can use the sex hormone to undertake treatment. 
In clinical practice, doctors may place a Levonorgestrel ring inside the uterine cavity. After this local ring is placed in the uterine cavity, Levonorgestrel is released. This progesterone can cause the atrophy of the endometrium and inhibit the growth of the endometrium, thereby reducing the volume of menstruation or stopping menstruating. Also, oral contraceptives can work the same way.
In addition, patients can adjust their diet and habits to improve their daily life. They should eat foods containing estrogen as little as possible, such as soy, soy milk, and so on. A diet with balanced nutrition should be adopted. Do not overeat spicy or stimulating foods. Eat more warm food and drink more water. 
Equally important, hot compress treatment can be carried out when patients are experiencing acute pain, even in summer. Hot water bags can be chosen with great convenience. Patients can also do more exercise like walking. This simple exercise can help the brain to secrete enkephalins, and the symptoms of abdominal pain will be alleviated. But strenuous exercise is not recommended.
In addition, the patented traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill is recommended for treatment. This traditional Chinese medicine has the main effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. 
Also, it can eliminate the lesions of gynecological tissue, regulate menstruation and eliminate pain. Because the ingredients are all herbal, they have no toxins or side effects. As a result, it can not only improve the local symptoms of patients but also benefit the maintenance of the whole body.
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