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What to do If Your Period Won't Stop with Adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis is caused by endometriosis into the myometrium, resulting in increased uterine volume. Clinically, hormonal therapy and oral contraceptives can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve symptoms of adenomyosis. Surgery can also be used to treat prolonged bleeding in periods.

Adenomyosis is a form of endometriosis. The main manifestations are dysmenorrhea, increased menstrual flow, prolonged periods, etc. Under normal treatment, most doctors recommend a hysterectomy to treat adenomyosis. But many patients find it so difficult that they take pills or use IUDs to treat adenomyosis. Some people with adenomyosis who have had an IUD will experience lumbago, abdominal pain, infection, ectopic pregnancy, and bleeding after their period.
Here is a brief description of what are the causes of menstrual dripping in adenomyosis patients:

The first reason: adenomyosis
For people with adenomyosis, if the bleeding persists after their period, it is likely to be caused by adenomyosis. Bleeding after your period is a rare symptom of adenomyosis. It is recommended to treat patients as early as possible to relieve bleeding symptoms after menstruation.
The second reason: endometrial diseases
Some patients with adenomyosis have bleeding symptoms after their period because of changes in the endometrium, including cancer of the endometrium. At this time, adenomyosis patients need to pay special attention to going to the hospital in time to check so as not to delay the condition and cause some unnecessary losses!
The third reason: intrauterine IUD
Some patients with adenomyosis experience dripping bleeding after their periods, which is caused by an intrauterine device. The IUD may relieve the pain of adenomyosis, but it cannot cure adenomyosis. To cure adenomyosis, patients can take surgery to remove the adenomyosis lesions.
These are why adenomyosis patients experience dripping periods, so what should be done? The following points need attention.
1. Targeted treatment
If it is some gynecological diseases caused by prolonged menstruation, women must be timely medical treatment. Only when the condition is cured can the menstrual bleeding be stopped fundamentally, and the health is restored. 
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2. Pay attention to spiritual factors
Regardless of the cause of menstrual disorders, patients should maintain a happy mood. Maintaining a stable attitude during the menstrual period is essential to allow the menstrual blood to pass more smoothly.
3. Rational diet
A large number of supplements containing related hormones can disrupt the normal hormonal balance in the body, which can cause an increase in menstrual flow and prolonged periods. Therefore, women should eat a reasonable diet, including fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs, and not too much of each.
4. Develop healthy living habits
Avoid excessive fasting, smoking, and drinking, and don't abuse drugs. Make sure that the right amount of exercise and enough sleep time, coupled with a calm mind, is the best way to keep healthy.

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