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Treating Adenomyosis: Mindset is important

A lot of women go wild when it comes to adenomyosis. What is most important in the treatment of adenomyosis? Medications? Doctors? Family support? Environment? These are quite important, but the most crucial thing is - the mindset! Why is it the case? This is largely related to the characteristics of this disease.

Adenomyosis is a form of endometriosis in which the endometrium grows in the myometrium. Its typical symptoms are excessive menstrual flow, prolonged periods, and secondary dysmenorrhea that worsens progressively. Many women suffer from this condition, even to the point of being unable to stand and lying in bed during the onset of pain. 
The main treatment methods are surgery and conservative treatment. Surgical treatment is to remove the lesion, while conservative treatment is to place an intrauterine device. If fertility is not required, it can be treated by artificial menopause. Since adenomyosis can cause excessive menstruation and abdominal pain during menstruation, pain medication can be given for pain.
Why is the patient's state of mind critical when treating adenomyosis? There is a dialect saying that "a disease comes like a mountain and goes like a silk," which illustrates that treating diseases often has a significant relationship with the state of mind. In particular, adenomyosis is the "undead cancer" that people talk about. 
Usually, people feel terrible when they hear about cancer, and many people live like normal people before they find out they have cancer, and they may be safe and sound for a long time. However, once cancer is discovered, many patients collapse mentally and may even die after a few months. This actually has a lot to do with the person's psychological state.
People are not afraid of how serious the difficulty is and how severe the disease is, but they are scared of the psychological vulnerability of diseases. Negative emotions will only invariably aggravate the disease's further development and bring greater pain to the patient. Some patients with adenomyosis have increased menstrual pain that is not caused by the lesion but rather by low emotions that aggravate this pain.
So, what kind of mindset should adenomyosis patients maintain?
When a person is depressed, decrepit, or even self-destructive, it only accelerates the development of disease. Don't overthink because many thoughts tend to depress the mind and lower the body's immune function. Therefore, it is essential to change the perception of adenomyosis and not take it too seriously. Believe that medical advances can bring a lot of good things to patients. 
Also, adenomyosis patients should learn to divert their attention. When one does not focus on imagining the pain of the disease, the disease does not bring as much pain. Those who are optimistic about the condition tend to change their habits and take their medication on time, as their doctors requested, so that they can recover faster. Patients with adenomyosis need to maintain a positive mindset toward treatment.
The treatment for adenomyosis should be determined by the patient's symptoms, age, and fertility requirements. If the menstrual pain is unbearable, consider taking painkillers or herbal pain relief. Don't keep foolishly fighting hard. If patients have been taking one painkiller for a long time and resist or have any discomfort, they can switch to another. 
They can choose the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which can significantly relieve the pain of female patients with its blood circulation activation and swelling elimination effect. So it can effectively eliminate gynecological tissue lesions, regulate menstruation, eliminate pain, etc. If patients don't want to take medicine all the time, they can consider surgery. 
In a word, there are always more solutions than difficulties, and patients must encourage themselves in the face of adenomyosis.
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