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How Should Adenomyosis Patients Get Pregnant and Protect Fetus? 

Adenomyosis belongs to endogenous endometriosis. That is to say, active endometrial cells are planted in the myometrium. It can cause gradually worsening dysmenorrhea in clinical practice. In addition, the menstrual volume is large, the uterus will enlarge, and some people will show infertility in severe cases. 

Many women are worried about their ability to conceive and protect the fetus. Patients with adenomyosis will have difficulty getting and staying pregnant, so they should be prepared mentally.
Adenomyosis has a certain impact on pregnancy. The main reason is that the environment in the uterus becomes worse, and it is difficult to fertilize the follicle and implant it, reducing the chance of normal pregnancy for women. And adenomyosis patients may have an abortion after pregnancy. So, once a woman is pregnant, it is necessary to carry out timely abortion prevention. 
Women with adenomyosis, after pregnancy, can protect the fetus through fetal protection drugs and usually pay attention to rest and balance of nutrition. If they want to have a baby, the doctor needs to look at the size of the uterine cavity to choose whether to get treatment first and then get pregnant or to get pregnant directly.
Women suffering from adenomyosis can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to eliminate inflammation in the uterus under the guidance of their doctor. As a complete formula, it can clear heat, detoxify the body, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, which can help eliminate the lesions of gynecological tissues, regulate menstruation, eliminate pain, and treat gynecological diseases and female infertility caused by inflammation.
If the uterus of adenomyosis patients is only slightly enlarged, dysmenorrhea is not particularly serious, and there is no adenomyoma, these patients can have normal preparation for pregnancy. Ovulation test paper can be used, or go to the hospital to do a vaginal ultrasound to monitor the growth and development of follicles, and then arrange sex preparation for pregnancy. 
However, if a woman has severe adenomyosis and a large uterine volume, she may need an intramuscular injection of triptorelin or leuprorelin to shrink the uterine volume before pregnancy preparation. If necessary, she may also need to undergo IVF transplantation.
If suffering from adenomyosis with threatened abortion, appropriate rest should be given to protect the fetus. Besides, prohibiting sex is necessary. Women with luteal insufficiency can use the intramuscular injection of progesterone 20mg once a day. Or they can take oral progesterone preparations. Women with hypothyroidism can orally take a small dose of thyroid tablets. After treatment, if the vaginal bleeding stops and an ultrasound examination indicates embryo survival, pregnancy can continue.
If the clinical symptoms are aggravated, for example, the ultrasound examination finds that the embryo is dysplasia, and the blood HCG continues to fall, then abortion is inevitable, and the pregnancy should be terminated. Women should pay attention to abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. If the bleeding exceeds the amount of menstruation, it is necessary to seek medical attention in time.
The above plan is for reference. For specific drugs and practices, female patients must go to the hospital and take the drugs under the guidance of professional doctors according to their conditions.
Meanwhile, women with adenomyosis should adjust their attitude after pregnancy. There is no great difference in pregnancy between women with adenomyosis and other women, and there is no need for a particular treatment. There is no menstruation after pregnancy, and adenomyosis will be relieved after pregnancy compared with before. 
According to the doctor's regulations, women need monitoring during pregnancy, so they should do an excellent job of birth examinations and observe the fetus's health.
Some women during pregnancy experience personality changes, emotional instability, and irritability. So they must adjust their emotions and avoid being too overwrought. They should pay attention to diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid sex during pregnancy to avoid a miscarriage of the fetus.
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