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Why do So Many People Regret Doing Surgery to Treat Adenomyosis?

Although adenomyosis is a common gynecological disease, for many patients, when the disease is detected, doctors will recommend surgical removal. But because of the high recurrence rate of surgery, many people dare not choose surgery.

So can adenomyosis patients need surgery?
The treatment of adenomyosis should be selected according to the severity of the disease. The typical treatment methods include drug treatment and surgical treatment. The doctor will recommend surgical treatment only when conservative treatment is hopeless, the condition is serious, and the patient has no fertility plan. Most patients will generally be treated with traditional Chinese medicine to minimize the injury index, such as Fuyan Pill in Wuhan Dr.Lee's TCM Clinic.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that adenomyosis is related to cold and damp condensation and blood stasis. Generally, it is mainly treated by warming the uterus to dissipate cold and activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis. By regulating the circulation of qi and blood, dredging the environment of uterine stasis, the growth function of the endometrium can be restored to achieve the goal of rehabilitation.
Of course, for the elderly, there is no fertility requirement, or the adenomyosis is relatively serious, and the symptoms are still not relieved after drug treatment, or there is a risk of malignant transformation of adenomyosis with adenomyoma. Or adenomyosis, serious anemia, but drug conservative treatment effect is not apparent. In these cases, surgical treatment is considered. Therefore, not all patients with adenomyosis must be treated surgically.
It is recommended to decide on whether to operate on adenomyosis according to the severity of your illness. There are many ways to treat it, not only surgery. If the patient is younger and has normal menstruation and no obvious abdominal pain, it can be treated conservatively with drugs. Initially, if the adenomyosis is not severe or even without symptoms, no pretreatment can be performed.
If the effect of contraceptives is not ideal. However, the patient did not want to be operated on and asked to retain the reproductive function. In this case, the patient can choose to place the IUD. The contraceptive device contains highly effective progesterone. It can also relieve the symptoms of adenomyosis and preserve patients' fertility. Therefore, not all patients with adenomyosis need surgery.
In addition to active treatment, patients with adenomyosis also need to pay more attention to their daily care!
1. Pay attention to weather changes and avoid getting cold.
Patients should not be tired and cold. During menstruation, they should not do strenuous exercise to keep their mood stable and avoid rupture of the capsule wall when the tension in the capsule cavity suddenly rises, leading to acute abdominal pain.

2. Eat more warm and nutritious food.
It is appropriate for patients to eat more food that can enrich blood and kidney, mainly neutral and warm, and the best ratio of meat and vegetable is 1:1. They should avoid cold, spicy, and stimulating food.

3. Avoid high-fat and estrogen foods
High-fat food will cause women to gain weight, aggravate the condition of adenomyosis, stimulate the secretion of estrogen, stimulate the uterus, and thus aggravate the discomfort caused by adenomyosis.
The above are some treatment suggestions and life nursing knowledge about adenomyosis. If women take the correct treatment, the disease can be better treated or controlled. We also hope that women with adenomyosis do not have too much psychological pressure. Early consultation and treatment are the most important.

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