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Adenomyosis: Patients with Different Symptoms and Ages Need Different Treatments

How should adenomyosis be treated? In fact, what is the desire of patients with adenomyosis? No more pain? Have a baby? Or can you sleep during the menstrual period? No matter how small and humble the desire of patients with adenomyosis is, as long as everyone does not take the appropriate treatment, the desire can only stay on paper, and the dream can only be rounded in the quilt.

Patients with adenomyosis have never actively sought treatment. But many patients have tried many methods but still can not get out of the pain of menstruation.
What should women do if they have adenomyosis? Take a look at the following suggestions. 

Unmarried, childless young women
Generally, the younger patients are in the early stage of adenomyosis, and there is a great possibility of pregnancy. Relax and prepare for pregnancy actively. If the trial pregnancy lasts for one year, and you still don't get pregnant, it is recommended to check and treat in time.
Pregnancy is difficult for adenomyosis patients. Once pregnant, find a doctor for guidance on pregnancy protection. Pregnant women should be regularly checked in the hospital during the pregnancy period, according to the "Perinatal Health Manual" requirements. If necessary, increase the inspection items and times according to the requirements of the attending doctor and actively cooperate with the doctor in case of problems.
Patients with adenomyosis without any symptoms
Some patients with adenomyosis have just suffered from adenomyosis without any symptoms, or some patients are only slightly unwell, so surgical treatment is unnecessary. If your dysmenorrhea is not severe, the amount of menstruation is not large, there is no anemia, and the uterus is not large, then there is no need for surgery and medicine. If the related symptoms are not very serious, but there are also symptoms and discomfort, it can be considered to rely on drugs to maintain until menopause. Of course, it is best not to have surgery.
Patients with adenomyosis whose symptoms affect their lives
You can consider medication or surgery if adenomyosis makes you unbearable and seriously affects your normal life. Many patients suffer from severe depression due to adenomyosis, even those with the idea of suicide. Besides these severe patients, many of them can't sleep at night because of pain, and they cry alone in the quilt. This situation shows that the disease is severe, and women must intervene quickly.
Medication is the first choice for treatment. Due to the side effects of some progesterone drugs and androgen derivatives, more and more patients have begun to choose traditional Chinese medicine treatments, such as Fuyan Pill. It is not limited to the focus but to the patient's overall consideration. It can regulate and correct the imbalance of the body, remove recurrence factors and reduce metastasis. In addition, taking traditional Chinese medicine has minor damage to the patient's body, which can gradually enhance the patient's immunity and reduce the recurrence rate.
If the uterus is too large, especially for patients with adenomyosis whose uterus size is more than 8 cm, perform uterine-conserving surgery. Because if the uterus is too large, its canceration rate is much higher than that of patients with normal uterine size. Although the overall cancer rate of adenomyosis is not high, there are always a few cases of adenomyosis in many operations yearly. So women must take precautions.
Women entering menopause 
This kind of patient is recommended to go to the hospital to check the six hormones first and then see the FSH value after the results. If it is close to 40, it means that menopause is imminent. At this time, you can use painkillers, hemostatic drugs, and other drugs to maintain menopause. Or you can use Mirena to relieve dysmenorrhea. But the effect varies from person to person (patients with a large uterus and heavy menstruation are unsuitable for using Mirena, and it is easy to fall off.)
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