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Which Sports are the Enemies of Adenomyosis?

In the past, adenomyosis mostly occurred in pregnant women over the age of 40. But now, because of intrauterine surgeries such as cesarean sections and abortions, patients with adenomyosis are getting younger and younger. Currently, it mostly affects women between the ages of 30 and 50, and the disease is difficult to cure. Only patients with adenomyosis after menopause can gradually resolve on their own.

We all know that exercise is good for the body and can strengthen the physical fitness. For women with adenomyosis, doing some light exercise on a daily basis can stimulate the brain to secrete endorphins, thereby relieving dysmenorrhea caused by adenomyosis.
For patients with adenomyosis, there are some sports that cannot be done, such as sprinting, basketball, soccer, etc. Because of the high speed and intensity, this type of exercise can cause the symptoms of dysmenorrhea and uterine bleeding to worsen in patients with adenomyosis. It also worsens the condition of adenomyosis to a certain extent, making treatment difficult. Therefore, patients should avoid such programs in their daily lives.
However, in daily life, it is possible to relieve pain through the three types of aerobic exercise such as yoga, square dancing, and walking. These three types of exercise are the enemies of adenomyosis.
Which sports are the enemies of adenomyosis?
It is best for patients with adenomyosis not to exercise strenuously in their daily lives, because adenomyosis can cause dysmenorrhea or bleeding. Prolonged and strenuous exercise is likely to worsen the pain, and cause other diseases. However, patients can do some exercise properly. Next, let's take a detailed look at what exercises are helpful for adenomyosis.
Yoga: Compared to other sports, yoga is a relatively gentle type of exercise. It can promote blood circulation and also promote the body's detoxification. It is very helpful in recovering from illness. But patients with adenomyosis need to pay attention to time; don't exercise for too long;
Square dance: Patients with adenomyosis can do square dancing to enhance immunity and promote recovery from illness. At the same time, it can also regulate the body's physiological function and delay aging;
Walking: If you have this disease, you can also do walking exercises. Walking can promote blood circulation, clear meridians, and eliminate blockages. It is very helpful in improving the condition and can be done appropriately.
Generally speaking, patients with adenomyosis can perform the three exercises of yoga, walking, and square dancing in their daily lives to relieve pain and promote recovery. However, when doing these three exercises, be careful not to exercise for too long; otherwise, it will also cause dysmenorrhea or bleeding.
At the same time, it is recommended that all women who have not yet given birth or have no such diseases do a good job of family planning, take good care of themselves during menstruation, keep warm and protect themselves from the cold, adjust their mood, etc. And prohibiting sexual life during menstruation can reduce the incidence of adenomyosis to a certain extent.
If you have been diagnosed and some symptoms occur, immediate treatment is recommended. The traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill is a good choice. It works well to relieve patients' pain symptoms by activating blood stasis and removing blood stasis. Moreover, it is made of pure natural herbs, and there is almost no harm to the patient's body.
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