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What can Make Adenomyosis Worse? Here Are Some Contraindications

We all know that when a person is sick, many aspects of diet and daily life need to be avoided, which is especially true for some gynecological diseases. To prevent aggravation of the condition, doctors usually tell patients what to pay attention to and what to avoid during the treatment. 

Adenomyosis is a relatively common gynecological disease due to endometrial invasion into the ectopic myometrium growth. The common symptoms of patients are dysmenorrhea, irregular menstrual bleeding, prolonged menstruation, frequent urination during menstruation, painful stool, anal swelling, anemia, infertility, and other symptoms.
What are the contraindications of adenomyosis? Let's sum it up for you:

1 Avoid colds 
Patients with adenomyosis should avoid colds, especially during menstruation. They should avoid eating cold drinks, ice, and other cold food. Daily attention should be paid to keeping warm and preventing the aggravation of dysmenorrhea and menstrual disorders caused by cold and cold stimulation.
2 Avoid irritating foods 
People with adenomyosis should pay extra attention to their diet. In addition to the above-mentioned cold food, some acidic, spicy, hot, with blood clotting, and containing high estrogen food may cause adenomyosis disease and symptoms exacerbation. Therefore, patients should also pay attention to avoiding eating.
3 Avoid mood swings 
Long-term negative emotions such as anger, sulk, anxiety, and fear easily lead to internal disorders, the exacerbation of dysmenorrhea, and menstrual disorders in patients with adenomyosis. Therefore, patients with adenomyosis should avoid emotional fluctuations in daily life, especially during menstruation, and maintaining an optimistic and cheerful state of mind is helpful for treating the disease.
4 Avoid strenuous exercises 
Excessive exercise may cause pelvic congestion in patients with adenomyosis, which may aggravate symptoms such as dysmenorrhea. Therefore, patients should avoid strenuous sports such as basketball and sprint, as well as sports that push the body too much. Daily exercises such as walking, cycling, yoga, and other gentle aerobic exercises can be properly carried out.
5 Avoid healthcare products 
Healthcare products and some supplements are not recommended. You're not building up the body but worsening the condition and accelerating the disease. Ginseng and some donkey-Hide gelatins are not recommended to eat. 
Adenomyosis can cause various symptoms in patients, which will not only lead to a decline in the quality of life but also harm patients' physical and mental health. Therefore, most patients must seek medical treatment in time after discovering the disease so as not to aggravate and complicate the condition due to delay.
Many therapeutic methods for adenomyosis need to be selected individually according to the patient's age, symptoms, and fertility requirements. Most are treated with surgery and drugs.
Clinically, using analgesics to relieve pain or taking hormones to artificially create a state of no menstruation or false pregnancy therapy is temporary relief. Once menstruation resumes, there is a possibility of recurrence and aggravation.
The traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill can effectively eliminate menstrual pain and other symptoms. And it can improve the patient's resistance. Even after stopping the drug, the symptoms will not recur or worsen.
If drug therapy is ineffective or the lesion scope becomes large, surgical treatment can be selected as appropriate.
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