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What Need to be Notice Before and After Adenomyosis Surgery?

In the past, adenomyosis usually occurred in women over 40. But as modern women pay less attention to their bodies, often having cesarean sections, induced abortions, and other operations, women with adenomyosis are getting younger. 

Treatments of uterine fibroids include conservative treatment and surgical treatment. For some large fibroids or apparent symptoms, such as causing menstrual bleeding, prolonged menstruation, and other conditions should be timely surgical treatment to prevent the deterioration of the disease caused by anemia or lead to degeneration. 
So what should be prepared before adenomyosis surgery?
1. Avoid anemia: adenomyosis can lead to anemia phenomenon, so patients who have to do surgery should pay attention to strengthening the blood tonic before surgery. Usually, they can eat more food with a blood tonic effect to avoid anemia affecting the operation. 
2. Reasonable diet: patients preparing for surgery should pay attention to rest and deploy a good diet to improve physical fitness so that the operation is smoother. At the same time, postoperative recovery will be faster. 
3. Consult the doctor's specific matters: the operation has certain risks, so the preoperative work must be done well. It is best to consult the doctor first and follow the doctor's advice to do all aspects of preparation. 
4. the hospital items ready: doing adenomyosis surgery need to be hospitalized, so patients need to get some daily necessities and some sanitary products ready first.
5. avoid menstruation: it's important to avoid periods during adenomyosis surgery, so count your periods before you go to the hospital. It is best to recommend three to five days after the menstrual period. 
6. other matters: Patients need to fast before surgery and abstain from sex for three days. At the same time, they should keep their bodies clean and healthy, wear clothes that are easy to take off, etc. They're all pre-operational orders. Just remember them.
The above is about the need to prepare for some matters before doing adenomyosis surgery. In addition, it is more important to pay attention to the preoperative examination work. The doctor will require some necessary examinations according to the way of surgery and follow the doctor's advice.
Many women also ignore the damage to their bodies after surgery, resulting in a relapse without a complete cure. Severe cases can also lead to other complications. 
So, what are the precautions after adenomyosis surgery?
First, patients should pay attention to hygiene. After finishing the operation, the body is relatively weak. Hence, bacteria and viruses are easy to invade, and the vagina is susceptible to infection, so patients should do an excellent job of pubic cleaning and protecting themselves.
Second, the patient should abstain from sexual life. Within a month after the operation, the patient's wound had not fully healed. The woman's vagina is susceptible to bacterial virus infection and may suffer from other gynecological diseases.
Third, pay close attention to their postoperative situation and regular review to prevent the disease's recurrence. After the operation, pay attention to their abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. If there is, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time for inspection and treatment.
In addition to the above three points, patients can also use diet to regulate the body after surgery. Eat more high-fiber foods and vegetables to prevent constipation. In addition, patients can also eat more high-protein or iron-rich food to promote recovery.
Besides surgery, women can choose herbal medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment. It can eliminate symptoms without bringing any harms to the body.  
Finally, no matter which treatment you choose, you need to actively treat and pay attention to some daily habits.
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