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4 Exercises that Can Relieve Symptoms for Patients with Adenomyosis

Adenomyosis is a common gynecological disease mainly affecting middle-aged women, causing symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, increased menstrual flow, and prolonged menstrual periods. It can also indirectly lead to anemia and infertility. Therefore, patients should actively seek treatment and exercise appropriately to improve their resistance.

So, what exercises can patients with adenomyosis do? They can do the following four exercises to relieve symptoms.

1. Yoga
Usually, strenuous exercise is unsuitable for adenomyosis, but some soothing exercises can be done. Yoga is a suitable exercise for patients, relaxing the body and mind and having exercise effects. Because yoga movements are gentle and have stretching impacts, they can relax the body and relieve physical pain, especially symptoms such as dysmenorrhea.
Moreover, yoga can regulate the body from the inside out, accelerate metabolism, remove waste, repair and regulate the body, enhance physical strength and muscle elasticity, and promote the balanced development of the body's limbs. It can make patients with adenomyosis more cheerful, energetic, and happy, improve the blood environment, and promote endocrine balance.
2. Walking
If you take a walk after meals every day, it not only promotes digestion but also has many benefits for patients with uterine adenomyosis. It can effectively promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, and have a good relieving effect on symptoms such as abdominal pain. Therefore, walking is also one of the suitable exercises for adenomyosis. Walking daily can slow aging in women, have great benefits for blood circulation in the waist, and provide good protection for the uterus.
3. Dancing ballroom dance
As long as the movements are not too intense, ballroom dance types are suitable for patients with adenomyosis. As an entertaining ballroom dance, it can help patients relax and relieve stress, and it can also be a way to entertain and cultivate a healthy and positive mood. Therefore, this method is beneficial for exercising the body, regulating endocrine, eliminating fatigue, and improving sleep quality, so it will also be beneficial for the recovery of uterine adenomyosis.
4. Tai Chi
Practicing Tai Chi is also recommended for patients with adenomyosis because this exercise has no age limit and will not overdraw physical strength. The movements are very gentle and can regulate blood and qi and unblock meridians, which is a good way to maintain health for the body. Therefore, it also has a conditioning effect on the recovery of uterine adenomyosis, so it is also a good choice.
The above are the types of exercises that patients with adenomyosis do. In short, no matter the patient's activity, they should not overdo it or tire themselves out. Rest and recuperation should be the main focus to promote recovery. In daily life, women should have a light diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins and protein, and avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods.
Friendly reminder:
Patients with adenomyosis should not engage in vigorous exercise such as sprinting, basketball, football, etc., as these may worsen the condition. However, more than relying solely on exercise is needed to cure the disease completely. It is still necessary to rely on medication or surgery for prompt treatment. The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill has shown good therapeutic effects for medication options. It can eliminate all symptoms related to adenomyosis without side effects. 
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