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Can Patients With Adenomyosis Do Strenuous Exercise?

Gynecological diseases torture more and more healthy women physically and mentally, and adenomyosis is one of them. Clinic data witnesses more and more patients suffering from adenomyosis. Once the symptoms of adenomyosis emerge, women should take timely treatment on the one hand, and daily habits cannot be overlooked on the other.


So can patients do strenuous exercise after getting adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis, a prevalent gynecological disease, is a kind of benign gynecological disease that harms women. When patients are affected by adenomyosis, the symptoms usually are secondary dysmenorrhea, abnormal menstruation, infertility, and uncoordinated sexual life, which requires those with adenomyosis symptoms to pay special attention. 

Patients with adenomyosis cannot exercise vigorously to some extent because strenuous exercise will aggravate dysmenorrhea and may cause irregular uterine bleeding, causing trouble with treatment and even leading to more severe symptoms. Therefore, although adenomyosis patients can exercise, they should exercise properly to avoid making it more serious.

Specific hazards of strenuous exercise in patients with adenomyosis: 

1. Ovarian rupture

A lot of adenomyosis patients are complicated with ovarian cysts. Under strenuous exercise, abdominal compression and collision may cause ovarian cyst rupture and abdominal pain. 

2. Uterine ptosis 

If women carry out weightlifting training, abdominal pressure will increase, resulting in temporary ptosis of the uterus. Since the uterus of adenomyosis patients is larger than that of normal women, uterine prolapse may occur if long-term overload exercise is carried out.


3. Aggravating abnormal menstruation


Strenuous exercise will inhibit hypothalamic function, lead to abnormal function of the endocrine system, affect the level of sex hormones, and finally interfere with the formation and cycle of menstruation. Adenomyosis patients already have different menstrual abnormalities, and long-term strenuous exercise will worsen the degree. 

Therefore, strenuous exercise is not recommended for adenomyosis patients. Moreover, when patients have some symptoms, it is recommended to treat them in time to avoid aggravation. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is a good choice for the methods of treatment. 

The patented traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan pill is reasonably compounded, which will not produce any toxic or side effects during treatment and can achieve significant therapeutic effects. So it is more beneficial to the health of patients and more worthy of trust. 

In addition, although strenuous exercise is not recommended for adenomyosis patients, they can do some exercise with low physical exertion and technical requirements, low load, and intensity. Walking, yoga, ballroom dancing, etc., are all good choices. 

Walking is one of the most leisure sports, especially when patients walk with their family members after dinner. They can enjoy the beautiful scenery and meanwhile effectively relax their body and mind; Yoga features soft movements and balanced intensity, so it can help stretch and relax the whole body and mind after regular practice; 

Patients can also choose square dance or ballroom dance based on their conditions. These two kinds of dance do not require large-amount exercise. While dancing to the melody in the rhythm of pop music, patients can not only edify sentiment but also exercise to a certain extent. 

In short, it is suggested that patients with adenomyosis exercise scientifically, step by step, and moderately according to their physical fitness and bearing capacity. Do not choose fast running, basketball, football, or other strenuous exercise not to aggravate the abnormal symptoms in the uterus. 

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