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Adenomyosis Patients Conceive: How to Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy and Protect Your Baby?

First of all, congratulations, you're pregnant! It's important to know that adenomyosis can affect pregnancy, so being able to conceive successfully is fortunate. Therefore, for pregnant women with adenomyosis, it's essential not to be careless. You must pay attention to the following matters to ensure your baby's smooth growth and development until a successful delivery.


First, reduce activity

During pregnancy, it's important to reduce activity, especially vigorous exercises like running, climbing, lifting heavy objects, or excessive bending. This is even more crucial for women with adenomyosis. If you have a physically demanding job, consider taking a leave of absence or resigning to protect the pregnancy. Light computer-based work can be done. Also, during this time, remember to take folic acid supplements promptly.

Second, confirm intrauterine pregnancy

How can you confirm intrauterine pregnancy? Generally, around 45 days into pregnancy, you should undergo a B-ultrasound examination at the hospital. Check whether there's a gestational sac in the uterus. If a gestational sac is present, that's great news. If not, don't panic immediately. It might be too early for the examination, and implantation might not have occurred yet. At this point, conduct a urine test and blood test. Consult the doctor for specific guidance. Ectopic pregnancy is often characterized by irregular bleeding, positive urine and blood tests, and possibly accompanied by abdominal pain.

Why check for intrauterine pregnancy? The main reason is that women with adenomyosis have a slightly higher risk of ectopic pregnancy than normal women. Adenomyosis patients tend to have inflammation and more adhesions, so it's important to watch out for ectopic pregnancy during pregnancy.

Third, protect the pregnancy

Adenomyosis can lead to an unfavorable uterine cavity environment, increasing the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, embryo growth arrest, and other situations. Therefore, once pregnancy is confirmed, it's necessary to take medications to protect the pregnancy. Continue taking these medications until the third month of pregnancy. After three months, the stability improves relatively, and the medication can be stopped. However, still be cautious about reducing activity. 

If you experience abdominal discomfort, pain, or notice any bleeding, promptly go to the hospital. As for which pregnancy-preserving medication to take, you should visit your local hospital directly, explain your situation to the doctor, and ask them to prescribe appropriate medication.

Fourth, women who have nausea and vomiting can consider infusion

Over sixty percent of pregnant women experience early nausea and vomiting, which can be challenging for expectant mothers. Sudden nausea and vomiting catch many pregnant women off guard. Women with mild symptoms might experience decreased appetite, occasional nausea, and vomiting. 

However, for some, the symptoms are pronounced – vomiting after eating anything, even when not eating, and vomiting not limited to mornings. Their noses might also become very sensitive, leading to vomiting upon smelling certain odors. But there's no need to worry; this is a normal condition that doesn't require treatment.

However, for those with severe vomiting, who vomit whatever they eat, their metabolism becomes disturbed, and medical treatment, and sometimes hospitalization, might be needed. Pregnant women suffering from severe morning sickness can eat foods like oranges, hawthorn, sour jujube seeds, apples, and yogurt, which might help alleviate symptoms—also, adding a bit of vinegar while cooking might improve the situation.

Fifth, regular check-ups according to the designated prenatal care schedule

For patients with adenomyosis, apart from regular check-ups, it's crucial to visit the hospital if you experience any discomfort immediately. Undergo relevant examinations and receive targeted treatment promptly. This is necessary to ensure the smooth growth of your baby.

Important reminder: If adenomyosis affects pregnancy, timely treatment is necessary. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill with its effects of clearing heat, detoxification, promoting blood circulation, and resolving stasis, may effectively alleviate various discomfort symptoms in patients.

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