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Why Does Adenomyosis Recur After Surgery? Is There Another Way?

Will adenomyosis recur after surgical treatment? Regardless of what treatment is done, this question has always been a major concern for patients with adenomyosis because they are afraid of the pain.


To treat adenomyosis, first, we need to understand the disease.

Adenomyosis is a type of endometriosis. It is due to the formation of lesions after endometriosis into the myometrium, which is usually associated with uterine operations, such as abortion, curettage, etc. Painful menstruation and infertility are the most serious problems caused by adenomyosis in women; therefore, it is also known as "cancer that won't die".

So, does adenomyosis come back after treatment?

From its alias, we can see that it is not an easy disease to treat. Adenomyosis is a medical problem. In the olden days, it had no complete cure except hysterectomy. However, the huge impact of hysterectomy, in turn, often leaves the patient with more serious consequences than adenomyosis.

Of course, hysterectomy is not the only surgical treatment for adenomyosis. With the development of medical technology, laparoscopy, interventional embolization, Hai Fu ultrasound ablation technology, etc., have also gradually joined the ranks of adenomyosis treatment.

However, none of the above surgical treatments can guarantee that adenomyosis will not recur after treatment.

On the one hand, it is due to incomplete treatment of adenomyosis. Adenomyosis lesions are mostly diffuse and ill-defined; complete removal is almost impossible. Therefore, the pain relief rate of patients after resection of adenomyosis lesions is low, and the recurrence rate is high. As new lesions arise and expand in size, symptoms such as dysmenorrhea will gradually reappear.

On the other hand, it is because, in the treatment of adenomyosis, patients ignore a reasonable diet and maintain a good lifestyle, which leads to the recurrence of the disease.

Is there no need to treat adenomyosis? Of course not. Adenomyosis is a condition that requires an interaction between treatment and long-term persistence.

To end the torment of adenomyosis once and for all, patients can be treated with Chinese medicine, which can minimize the damage to the body, preserve the uterus, and give many women the hope of having children. The natural medicine Fuyan Pill can be beneficial in eliminating painful menstruation and other symptoms, cleansing the uterus of toxins, and increasing the chances of natural conception.

Patients can also use dietary modifications to relieve symptoms and prevent recurrence. Patients are advised to consume more vegetables and fruits, whole grains and low-fat foods and avoid spicy and stimulating foods and alcoholic beverages. Chilled food must not be eaten during menstruation or when menstruation is approaching, but can be eaten at other times, but the patients also should pay attention to the amount.

Patients with adenomyosis must also maintain good living habits to avoid recurrence after surgery.

Stop having sex during menstruation; pay special attention to uterine maintenance and prohibit intrauterine surgery during adenomyosis treatment; usually pay attention to keeping warm and avoid cold; take walks, jogging, and other gentle exercise instead of all intense sports and heavy physical labor during menstruation;

keep relaxation of the mind because a bad mood may often lead to endocrine disorders; Adjust emotions at any time and maintain an optimistic and cheerful state of mind, so that the body's immune system will function normally.

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