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How to Deal with Anemia Caused by Adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis is when the endometrial glands and stroma invade the uterine muscle layer, causing cyclical bleeding in the uterus under hormonal influence. This leads to the proliferation and enlargement of surrounding muscle cells, resulting in diffuse or localized adenomyotic lesions.


Adenomyosis is a common gynecological disorder in women. It tends to cause endless menstruation, which can lead to symptoms of anemia.

If women are anemic for a long time, their body's resistance and immunity will be reduced. If anemia is more serious, they are also prone to dizziness, coma, and even other symptoms, and the impact on life and work is enormous.

So, how can anemia caused by adenomyosis be effectively treated?

Women having anemia indicate that they do not have enough blood and qi, and they need to eat more blood-boosting foods and take blood supplements to improve their condition.

If the symptoms of anemia are mild, women can treat it through dietary therapy. For example, red dates, cinnamon, and pig's blood can replenish blood. The effect of food therapy is slow, but it is harmless to the body.

If the anemia is not serious, the patients must be supplemented with blood according to the situation. The patients can take blood-replenishing medicine or injections and eat some blood-replenishing food.

If the patient's anemia symptoms are severe and she often faints, she will need to take blood-stopping medication and injections on time. In extreme cases, a blood transfusion may also be needed.

Blood supplementation is very effective in treating anemia, but it is a cure for the symptoms rather than the root cause. Because adenomyosis causes women to have non-stop menstruation, excessive bleeding will always lead to anemia.

In addition, patients with anemia due to adenomyosis can find relief by doing moderate exercise and massaging stimulation points.

Patients with adenomyosis are not suitable to do a lot of exercise, but no exercise at all is not conducive to health recovery. Therefore, it is recommended that adenomyosis patients who are mildly anemic should do a moderate amount of movement to give their bodies enough nutrition. They can choose to do some gentle exercises, such as yoga, aerobics, Tai Chi, etc., which can not only exercise the body to promote blood circulation but also will not overly consume the body's energy.

Patients with adenomyosis adhere to massage stimulation of many points on the body, which can also play a role in replenishing qi and blood and is also the lowest cost way to replenish qi and blood.

Of course, to treat anemia completely, it is also necessary to treat adenomyosis. Female patients should go to the hospital for a detailed examination and then take medication or undergo surgery under the doctor's advice. As long as the condition of menstruation can be improved, the symptoms of anemia will be relieved accordingly.

Patients are advised to choose traditional Chinese medicine to relieve the symptoms of adenomyosis. Composed of more than 50 kinds of purely natural herbs, the Fuyan Pill is effective in clearing away heat and detoxifying the body, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, thus regulating menstruation and eliminating pain. If women have normal menstruation, the anemia problem caused by excessive menstrual volume will naturally be alleviated.

The above is the solution to the problem of adenomyosis anemia. External regulation and internal nourishment are indispensable, and combining various treatment aspects is necessary to completely improve anemia symptoms.

In addition, in daily life, women should try not to stay up late, to ensure adequate sleep, and to enhance their resistance because good health can prevent many diseases.

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