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Can Adenomyosis Cause Bleeding During Intercourse? What Are the Causes of Bleeding?

Adenomyosis is a common gynecological disease, mainly characterized by symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, menstrual irregularities, and anemia. However, some women experience varying degrees of bleeding after intercourse, which makes them very worried whether it's caused by adenomyosis. So, can adenomyosis lead to bleeding during intercourse?


What is bleeding during intercourse?

Bleeding during intercourse refers to abnormal bleeding that occurs during sexual activity or intercourse. It usually happens in the vagina, cervix, endometrium, or other reproductive organs. The color and amount of bleeding can vary, and it may be bright red, brown, dark red, or other colors. Bleeding during intercourse may be accompanied by symptoms such as pain, itching, fever, unusual odors, or vaginal discharge.

What are the causes of bleeding during intercourse?

There are many causes of bleeding during intercourse, and here are some of the common ones:

1. Menstrual cycle: During certain stages of the menstrual cycle, the shedding of the endometrium can cause bleeding.

2. Inflammation: Sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial infections, and fungal infections can all cause bleeding in the vagina, cervix, or other organs.

3. Injury: Vaginal or other reproductive organs can be injured during sexual activity or other activities, leading to bleeding.

4. Tumors: Both malignant and benign tumors can also cause bleeding.

5. Other causes: Other reproductive system diseases, such as endometriosis, endometrial polyps, cervical polyps, and cervical erosion, can also lead to bleeding during intercourse.

Adenomyosis usually does not cause bleeding during intercourse. The reason for bleeding in patients with adenomyosis may be due to the abnormal proliferation of the endometrial tissue caused by adenomyosis lesions. When the uterus contracts, these proliferated endometrial tissues are squeezed, leading to bleeding.

Furthermore, if the lesions are located near the cervix, they are more likely to be stimulated during sexual activity, causing bleeding. It is advisable to visit a hospital for a gynecological examination and an ultrasound to understand the cause of bleeding after intercourse and to receive targeted treatment.

How to treat adenomyosis?

If you experience bleeding during intercourse, it is crucial to visit a gynecological hospital promptly to determine the specific cause of the bleeding. If diagnosed with adenomyosis, treatment generally involves medication.

Traditional Chinese medicine can help alleviate the symptoms of adenomyosis, such as reducing pain and bleeding. A common treatment is the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which can promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis and relieve pain, and it can also treat other gynecological inflammations simultaneously.

Meanwhile, patients also need to learn how to care for adenomyosis in their daily lives.

1. Maintain cleanliness of the perineal area, washing with warm water once or twice daily.

2. Avoid overexertion. Patients can listen to music, participate in entertainment activities, etc., to divert attention and alleviate physical and mental fatigue.

3. When experiencing severe lower back pain, use massage to relieve the pain in the waist and abdomen, increasing comfort.

4. Always adjust your mood to maintain an optimistic attitude, to keep the immune system from being affected.

5. Pay attention to changes in weather and avoid getting cold.

6. Avoid vigorous activities during menstruation.

7. If you are already suffering from adenomyosis, it's crucial to keep your emotions stable before and during menstruation, avoid overexertion, as a sudden increase in the tension inside the cystic cavity can cause the cyst wall to rupture, leading to acute abdomen.

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