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Fuyan Pill Cures Cervicitis

The function of Fuyan Pill

Fuyan Pill is a complex herbal remedy for female reproductive system infections and inflammations. It's function also include promote blood circulation to dissolve stasis, treat fibrosis, dissipate the lesion and help the tissue to recover, kill bacteria and other pathogens, release pain.

Symptoms of Cervicitis

The most typical symptom of cervicitis is erosion. This condition is caused by infection of pathogens. It usually occur after delivery, miscarrage, and during the stegmonth. Another common cause of this condition is chronic mechanical irritation. This irritation occur during sexual intercourses. Other symptoms of chronic cervicitis are: excessive vaginal fluid, yellow discharge, vulva area itches, lower abdominal pain or lower back pain. This can be one of the causes of infertility.

By analysing cervicitis symptoms, it is not difficulty to find that cervicitis can be cured by Fuyan Pill. By killing the pathogen and treating the lesion, fuyan pill cures cervicitis with pretty good effect.

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