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Abnormal Vaginal Discharge? Cervicitis!

Vaginal discharge in color, flavor, amount of change is one manifestation of abnormal vaginal discharge. But also vaginal ring in with the body alarm to indicate the signal state of his body. vaginal genital itching associated with bean curd residue, then is a typical manifestation of fungal vaginal inflammation.


vaginal anomalies usually have the following situation:

1, colorless vaginal discharge is chronic cervicitis, ovarian dysfunction, vaginal adenosis, cervical adenocarcinoma performance.

2, curd massive vaginal discharge is one of the symptoms of Candida vaginitis.

3, thin white or greyish yellow foam-like vaginal discharge shows Women may suffer from trichomonas vaginitis.

4, pus-like vaginal discharge are trichomoniasis or gonococcal other due to acute vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical inflammation, uterine empyema, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, vaginal foreign bodies caused by such residues.

5, vaginal discharge water is advanced cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, infection with submucosal fibroids, fallopian tube carcinoma.

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