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Can Vaginal Yeast Infection be Prevented?

What is vaginal yeast infection?


Vaginal yeast infection is the phenomenon that yeast grow excessively in vagina. This kind of infection is common. Though it is an infection which is very troublesome, patients do not to worry about too much, because it is not a deadly disease and its treatment is not complex.


Causes of vaginal yeast infection


Generally speaking, vaginal yeast infection isusually caused by candida albicans.

It is a fact that there's a lot of bacteria and a spot of yeast in vagina. However, most of bacteria play a role in guaranting that other microorganisms' growth is under the control of body mechanism.


But when the balance of those organisms is broken, yeast can grow rapidly, and causes various problems. To some extent, taking antibiotic can save this unbalance. In addition, high concentration of estrogen hormone caused by pregnancy and hormone drugs are also causes of increased yeast. Apart from that, diabetes, or HIV infection are the criminals as well.

How is vaginal yeast infection treated?


If you have suffered from vaginal yeast infection before, you will have a clear conception of the symptoms. Whereas, if you are not pregnancy, it can be treated by yourself. By smearing antibacterial cream or taking antimicrobial agents, patients can recovery eventually.


Besides, vaginal yeast infection is not strange when it occurs during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, taking pills is an event that should be done under the doctor's construction.


But if you have taken antimicrobial agents, condom or pessulum are not much more effective than before. That is because, some oil substances are in the agents, which is able to weaken effect of the rubber. If you have experienced four-times' symptoms of this infection, you'd better go to doctor. Doctors are able to provide more accurate diagnoses and prescribe more effective treatments.


Can vaginal yeast infection be prevented?


The answer is absolutely yes. Vaginal yeast infection can be prevented if you pay attention to some daily habits, such as, wearing cotton underpants, change underwears once it is wet, change sanitary napkin often in menses.

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