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What is the effective treatment of cervicitis?

What is the effective treatment of cervicitis? To treat cervicitis, patients can accept traditional Chinese medicine treatment, which can avoid some adverse factors, such as drug resistance, relapse, secondary infection, etc.

Mycoplasma/chlamydia mainly exist in human's cavity mucosa. It said that reproductive tract mycoplasma/chlamydia infection may have something to do with nongonococcal urethritis or cervicitis.  Causes of chlamydial and mycoplasmal infection, cervicitis, cervical erosion.

Cervix is a narrow entrance between vagina and uterus. So, at times, inflammation of vagina can spread to uterus. Due to cervical canal mucous epithelium is simple columnar epithelium, therefore, it lowers the body's resistance to infection. In addition, mucosal folds are many, when infection occurs, it is difficult to clear up pathogens. Then it can gradually develop into chronic cervicitis. If untreated soon enough, cervicitis is inclined to cause cervical erosion. 


Cervical erosion is a most common gynecological disease, which is also one of the most common physical properties of cervicitis. When a woman has chronic cervicitis, inflammation of uterine deep neck tissue can not be got rid of quite easily. Squamous epithelium, which is on surface of uterine neck, will exuviate. The exfoliation surface can gradually be covered with cylindrical epithelium caused by endocervial canal hyperplasia, which makes erosion surface red and have a clear boundary with surrounding squamous epithelium. 

When a woman is in the period of childbirth or abortion, she is prone to be infected with mycoplasma and chlamydia.


Injury of cervix uteri arise from intercourse can be invaded by mycoplasma and chlamydia. At this time, infection is apt to occur.

Very few unmarried women who have congenital cervical erosion are usually entailed from mycoplasma or chlamydia infection of their mothers.


Symptoms of mycoplasmal or chlamydial cervicitis, cervical erosion For cervicitis patients who are infected with chlamydia or mycoplasma, there is always no symptom. However, some patients still can experience symptoms, such as leukorrhagia, congestion, edema, genital itching, lower abdominal and lumbosacral pain, bleeding during intercourse, frequent urine, urinary urgency, burning pain (sharp pain) when urinating, etc.


Harm of cervicitis and cervical erosion

Cervical erosion can make cervical mucus more viscous. A large number of leukocyte appear in this mucus, which obstructs motility of sperm.


Cervical erosion has close link with cervical cancer. If not treated positively, this disease can cause cancer eventually. It is a fact that cervival erosion patients run a higher risk of cervical cancer than patients who do not have it.

Traditional Chinese herbal medical treatment of cervicitis

Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill has a strong bactericidal capacity. It can cure cervicitis within three months. Other infectious diseases cause by chlamydia or mycoplasma can be treated with Fuyan Pill as well. 

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