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Yeast Infection Herbal Remedy - Fuyan Pill

Yeast infection is caused by a fungus called "Candida albicans" which is normally found in small amounts in the vigina. 

A yeast infection can occur at any area of the body, on both sexes. Women between the age 16 to 35 are more likely to develop yeast infection. But it can also occur on a 10 year-old girl as well. Yeast vaginal infection is not always caused by the performance of sexual intercourses. 
The most typical symptom of yeast infection is pain/itchy at vulva area, which is extremely noticeable while urinating. Some women may develop a yeast infection in the end of the periods which requires no treatment at all. This is a sign of hormone and pH change, and often disappears after menses. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of yeast infection.  
OTC( Over The Counter) medicines for yeast infection often contains the following four ingredients:
- butoconazole
- clotrimazole
- miconazole
- vagistat
(FDA has announced that butoconazole and vagistat to be prescription drugs since 1996.)
They treat fungus in the same way - to break the cell membrane of Candida albicans, till the cell is resolved. Although they work effective in treating the infection, the recurrence rate is rather high. As much as a half patients have a recurrence with 4 weeks after treatment. What's more there're many side-effects with these drugs including headache, vaginal burning, bacterial infections, etc.
To treat yeast infection, is there any alternatives?
Yes. Herbal remedy for yeast infection - Fuyan Pill can completely treat yeast infection in three months. Fuyan Pill with strong power in clearing up infection is always a suggested alternative in China. By working slowly in women's vagina and the whole reproductive system, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is capable of reversing the imbalance of microorganism in vagina, till the infection is completely treated. According to the surveys, Fuyan Pill treats recurrent yeast infection in three months. After the treatment, no case has reported a recurrence.   

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