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Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment - Herbal Medicine Fuyan Pill

What is bacterial vaginosis?
Bacterial vaginosis(BV) is a kind of syndrome which is caused by the mixed infection of vagina Gartner bacteria and some aerobic bacteria, which leads to the imbalance of micro ecological balance in the vagina, the increase of vagina secretion, fishy vaginal discharge and burning and itching sensation of the vulva.
It can be divided into Haemophilus vaginosis, Corynebacterium vaginosis, oxybacterium vaginosis, Gartner's vaginosis, and so on. The disease can also be transmitted through sexual contact and has a high incidence rate among people with a disordered sexual relationship.
About 50-75% of the patients are asymptomatic and do not need treatment. If they have symptoms, they will find even, non-sticky and gray vaginal secretions with a fishy smell, especially during menstruation or after sex.
A small number of people will have mild itching and irritating sensation of the vulva, pain during urination and sexual intercourse. If the treatment is not complete, it may be accompanied by serious sequelae, such as cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and premature delivery.

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