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Harm of Bacterial Vaginosis

Vaginosis is a gnecological inflammatory disease, which obsesses a lot of women. Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common vaginosis. Usually women will not be calm when they hear the diagnosis. How is vaginosis caused and how is it treated?  

Clinically, vaginosis is characterized by properties changes of leukorrhea, itching and burning of the vulva. Pain during intercourse sometimes occurs as well. When infection starts to affect urethra, urinary tract symptoms such as odynuria, urinary urgency may happen. Common vaginosis are bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, senile vaginitis, etc. But different types of vaginosis cause different harm. What can bacterial vaginosis lead to?
Harm of bacterial vaginosis
1. Infertility. Bacterial vaginosis changes pH value in vagina, usually, pH in vaginosis can be over 4.5, which limits sperm motility. Besides, pathogens can phagocytose sperm. And the increased endocrinology of vaginal, which contains large number of white blood cells is a barrier for sperm survival. Sperm is few with low motility, in this case, infertility is possible the result. In addition, once the inflammation infects uterine cavity, it is prone to cause salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, which can also bring about infertility. Of course, if treated positively and in time, bacterial vaginosis can be cured soon.
2. Damages of unborn children. During pregnancy, damages of bacterial vaginosis aggravates than before, which hugely threatens fetals’ health. It can even cause premature delivery and miscarriage. Moreover, this infection is a primacord of other diseases such as perperal infection, neonatal infection, neonatal jaundice, etc. 
3. Life quality. Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are torments to patients. This discomfort can give rise to much inconveneince to suffers’ life and work. Also, it certainly affects sex life. 
4. Other diseases. It is a fact that bacterial vaginosis can induce many other diseases such as genital infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, perirenal inflammation, painful sexual intercourse, etc. 

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