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Chronic Cervicitis - The Common Gynecological Problem of Women

Chronic cervicitis is a common gynecological problem of women, caused by the inflammation of cervix. The following article will introduce some information about chronic cervicitis.


Women are vulnerable to various gynecological diseases caused by bacterial infections or sexually transmitted diseases. However, chronic cervicitis is one of the most common one among these gynecological problems. About 60% women who affected by this disease accounts for bacterial infections like gonorrhea or the infection during prenatal as well as postnatal infections. Necessary information is needed to avoid a dangerous or untreated condition shaped in female bodies.


What is Chronic Cervicitis?


Cervicitis is a disease affecting the lower genital tract and leads to cervical inflammation caused by various infections, which include Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's), injury of cervical tissues, birth control devices like diaphragm, and even cancer. What’s more, cervicitis disease can be also divided into two types, acute type and chronic type. Acute cervicitis is caused by bacterial or viral infections with some specific symptoms for diagnosis. Chronic cervicitis is a long-term infection, whith no specific symptoms, thus results in an untreated condition among most women. Only by the routine gynecological examination, could let this disease to be discovered .


What are the symptoms of chronic cervicitis?


Acute cervicitis is easy to be diagnosed by its obvious symptoms, which includes yellow or gray vaginal discharge, along with pain during urination and intercourse. And vaginal bleeding or spotting also belongs to the symptoms of acute cervicitis. 


As for chronic cervicitis, in most cases, the symptoms are absent or unnoticeable. However, a recurrent acute cervicitis may be a sign of chronic cervicitis. Other symptoms behave as the light and even inapparent vaginal discharge, accompanied with discomfort or painful urination as well as intercourse. If left untreated, it leads to a increasing vaginal discharge, and serious symptoms as bleeding between periods or bleeding as well as spotting after sex.


What causes chronic cervicitis?


As mentioned above, acute cervicitis is caused by the infection like gonorrhea, chlamydiaor genital herpes. The causes of chronic cervicitis includes the recurrent bacterial infections, developing from acute cervicitis. If cervicitis patients with acute stage but left untreated, it easily extend into a chronic diseases. The risk of cervicitis is increasing for woman with diabetes disease, acute or recurrent vaginitis, as well as multiple sexual partners. Surgical intervention like curettage, labor, and other experiences also lead to cervicitis.


Effective treatment to cure cervicitis


Patients with cervicitis or such symptoms are very concern about the radical and effective way in solving this problem. Also, both Chinese and western medicine have produced different methods towards this diseases. 


In western medicine, the drug therapy can be always divided to two types, external medicine and oral medicine. The external medicine mainly includes suppository and lotion. However, this kind of therapy takes a long-time administration, and even a persistent use of this medicine would cause the drug tolerance of bacterium and lead to a dry vagina, increasing the recurrent rates and cause a more difficult therapeutic condition.


About other therapies used in western medicine, oral antibiotics are the most common one. It has a good effect for acute cervicitis, but still easily generates drug tolerance for chronic patients for a long-time use. 


As for the above treatment, traditional Chinese medicine like Fuyan Pill produces an alternative but effective herbal therapy in curing this disease. Combining with thediet therapy, TCM herbal therapy could naturally get rid of these side effects among western medicine with no drug tolerance.


On the one hand, relying on its function of clearing heat and toxtic materials, herbal medicine Fuyan pill could help cervicitis patients eliminate the inflammation symptoms. On the other hand, Fuyan pill plays an important role in promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, which helps to improve human’s body immune system and self-healing capabilities, shortening the recovery time. What’s more, not only cervicitis disease can be cured by herbal medicine, but also some complications caused like PID, Fallopian tubal diseases, chlamydia infection and other gynecological problems can be also cured by this pill, at the same time. 


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