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Why vaginitis should be treated timely and immediately

 Why vaginitis should be treated timely? Because of the consequences it will lead to. Vaginitis, a common gynecological inflammatory disease, can lead to lots of consequences to women on both healthy and working aspects, but what are the consequences?


Firstly, affect work and sexual quality

Pruritus vulvae and dyspareunia, caused by vaginitis, not only can affect women’s work and normal lives, but also can affect their sex and marriage, are the main consequences of vaginitis.


Secondly, Premature birth and abortion

Premature birth and abortion also are two too main consequences. If pregnant women have vaginitis, not only miscarriage and premature birth can be caused, but also their babies are under high risk of affecting mycotic stomatitis. Women should cure this disease immediately to avoid fetal infection.


Thirdly, infertility

If women have vaginitis, the vaginal charge is increasing, the PH value is changing, the libido is declined, and intercourse is painful, so it is hard for women to conceive. What’s more, vaginitis can restrict the movement of sperm and the inflammatory cells also can eat sperm, so the change for women to conceive becomes smaller. The earlier your treat your vaginitis, the huge the chance you will conceive.


Fourthly, other gynecological diseases such as PID, cervicitis and cervical erosion

If vaginitis cannot be treated timely, the inflammations can lead to cervical disease and cervical erosion. When inflammations enter uterus, pelvic inflammatory disease and Tubal ovarian inflammation and pregnancy can be caused. There also are many women who chosen the incorrect treatment have to bear endless relapse of this disease, which not only can damage women’s immune system but also cervical erosion and PID. Women better to choose an excellent treatment.


The treatment of vaginitis also can be simple, because inflammation is the main cause. Fuyan Pill can cure this disease with three months, for it can clear away heat and toxic materials, promote blood circulation, and dissipate hard lumps and so on. Fuyan Pill has no side-effect and no drug resistance. 

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