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How Much Do You Know about Colpitis Mycotica?

Colpitis mycotica is a transmissible, repeated inflammation of vagina which is hard to cure once and for all. And it can induce infertility, affect the fetal development and induce other gynecological diseases. For the patients who are infected with fungus repeatedly or not be cured with long-time treating, they should do systematic check first and then treat colpitis mycotica according to the test result.


Majority of women have been infected with colpitis mycotica for at least once in their whole lives according to the clinic statistics. If the colpitis mycotica is hard to cure and repeating, the health of women would be threatened. Therefore, it is an important task for women to cure colpitis mycotica radically. Then how to treat colpitis mycotica once and for all? Do we not have a good method to subdue it?

Drug therapy is the most common way to treat colpitis mycotica. However, the different patients should use different medicine. And for the particularity of women’s genitals, the patients should not use medicine by themselves. They must go to hospital to treat in time, accepting normal and scientific treatment, avoiding misdiagnosis and aggravating illness.

However, using drug therapy to treat colpitis mycotica has some disadvantages, which would induce repeated happening. The most important reason is that, most patients are not cautious of using the drugs and can not insist on treating, and stop taking medicine once the symptoms change for the better, which would make the residual candida wantonly breeding and the illness repeated.


In addition, there is close relationship between colpitis mycotica and intercourse. So that the colpitis mycotica is one of the diseases transmitted by sex. Both the husband and wife should treat at the same time. Therefore, the patients of colpitis mycotica should forbid sex in the period of treating. Otherwise, it would make the man infected with balanitis and urethritis. We suggest the sex partner should be checked and treated at the same time.

Here we would recommend Fuyan Pill to treat the colpitis mycotica, which is made by Chinese herbal medicine and has no side-effect at all. Fuyan Pill is made up from multiple herbs including Bupleurum falcatum L., poria cocos, radices scutellariae, Gardenia, Atractylodes ovata, etc., among which some herbs are highly powerful in killing bacteria, virus, and all the pathogen to cause infections.


These herbs have the affection of clearing away heat and toxic materials, and it can also promote the blood circulation and defenses of ourselves. Then the inflammation can be cured step by step. Maybe the effect are not so apparent in the early, but it would have a long-term effective. And once it's cured, it never recurs.


The most important thing is that: the patients should pay attention to their personal hygiene. You would have a good health only if you have a healthy living habits. In order to treat colpitis mycotica, you should try to give up all of your bad habits. Experts of Wuhan Dr.Lee’s TCM Clinic notice that, in order to treat colpitis mycotica, we should not take medicines without directions from specialists. We must go to hospital or clinic to get appropriate treatment in time.

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