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Do you know the Symptoms of Mycotic Vaginitis?


You may often hear of vaginitis when it comes to female diseases, but how much do you know about mycotic vaginitis? In fact, mycotic vaginitis is a kind of common disease of women for a lot of women. However, quite a lot of female friends do not know the symptoms of the disease. Here, thus, what I want to share is about the symptoms of mycotic vaginitis.


Doctor Lee introduces that mycotic vaginitis is the most common disease of women, and it is often accompanied by other pathogen infection, such as mycoplasma, chlamydia, which are also easy to cause female infertility. So only when we have a good knowledge of the symptoms of mycotic vaginitis can we manage to prevent it and treat it timely. 


The main symptoms of mycotic vaginitis are incredible itching of vulva, even ulcerating pain and burning pain, which are more apparent when you are passing urine. Some patients may have frequent urination, urinary pain and pure pain, sticky leucorrhea , with a shape of white bean curd or curd. The skin is covered with white pseudo membrane, and the mucous membrane becomes red after wiping, etc.


In addition, Mycotic vaginitis patients may suffer from increase of leucorrhoea in quantity, itching and burning of genital and vagina, pain while urinating, redness and swelling around vulva and the cuticular changes are varied. Some may also have swarms of shallow blister papula. Usually, there may form eczema-like erosion, which is completely similar to acute or subacute eczema, and this is limited to the vulva or expands to the surrounding and the perineum and around anus and reproductive plica, till the thigh and skin somewhere else. Near the labia and clitoris may appear mucosa thickening. And the skin surface may flush and erose when contacting other skin. Some individuals can have small white pustules, even ulcer, vulvar pain and local lymph node enlargement when it serious.


Mycetes in vagina often infects other fungus of other parts, and exists with them together,   such as mycetes of oral cavity and intestinal tract, etc. If there appears the symptoms above, Fuyan pills can help you to solve the problem, thus reliving your pain completely. The prescriptions which can clear away heat and toxic materials can help patients to get rid of damp, toxic and bacteria. Besides, other ingredients in the pill are able to promote blood circulation. Symptoms such as pain, swelling can be relieved. In addition, Fuyan Pill can recuperate the vitality, which makes contribute to restore liver and kidney function.


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