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Unmarried women may get vaginitis because of improper perineal care

In the area of medicine, we often call the vaginitis as the lower genital tract. The so-called lower genital tract refers to the vulva, vagina and cervix. We know that vagina has its own self-cleaning function. The labia minora, vaginal and cervix's closure on both sides can form an effective barrier against bacteria, and stop the bacteria invade our bodies. In this case, if your vulva and vagina are in normal condition, the care is not necessary, a wash with water every day is enough. But many people contrary to the purpose of care, and make many errors. Sometimes, the wrong perineal care can also lead to the vaginitis. Now, the weather is cold, so how to care the vagina and prevent vaginitis in winter?

Actually, in order to wash the knicker less frequently, many women used protective pad. They think it is healthier to use pads, it is also better to avoid the direct contact with the knicker and private parts, and help to keep the private parts clean. But in fact, the frequently use of pad is not good, it can not let a good ventilation genitals, can easy to cause the bacteria, which finally cause the vaginitis.
Many women will choose the vaginal douches when they feel uncomfortable. However, the flow of clean water is more able to play the role. As it is cold in winter, hot water will have a good effect. You should only clean the attached to the vaginal vulva. Note to clean the underwear every day and find a dry well ventilated place for them. Do not need to buy cleaning fluid in a variety of shops, because our body is under the situation of homeostasis. And frequent use of vaginal douches will destroy the environment inside the vagina, then add to the discomfort genitals. So do not blindly disorderly use of the lotion even there is a little bit uncomfortable. And pay attention that the abusing of vaginal douches may be the guidance of vaginitis.
Finally, most female friends are prefer to sit in front of the computer and surf the internet. They give a serious neglect to their health and the long-term sitting before the computer will not only affect their vision buy also the health because when you sitting, the genital blood will not smooth, and it also can not get a good ventilation for the vaginitis, so it is easy to cause vaginitis.
For patients with recurrent vaginitis, especially associated with mycoplasma chlamydia-positive, you can take Fuyan Pill. Fuyan pill have a good treatment in vaginal inflammation, including the inflammation caused by bacteria, fungi, candida, yeasts, molds, trichomonas, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc.

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