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Peeling labia would be the result of cervicitis
Female reproductive system disorders mainly caused by the bacteria invasion of the genital area, so once it is infected by the viruses, mycoplasma or other pathogens, the reproductive tract would be dangerous while a number of complications would follow. Clinically, some female get the symptom of peeling in the labia, they usually don't know why. So here, I will explain why this happen. 
Genital cleaning cause the peeling labia
There are many reasons to cause the peeling labia, but generally, the causes can be divided into two types, one is the genital cleaning. Usually, the sebum, sweat, or the long-term secretions stimulation, or the tight, airtight underwear can all induce the genital itching, and lead to the peeling of labia.
Cervicitis cause the peeling labia
The other one is caused by the diseases, trichomonas vaginalis, pubic lice and scabies mites are all the inducement. Among them, the pubic lice and scabies mites only breed in the vulva, and do not infringe on the reproductive tract, and thus the main symptoms is the vulvar itching. However, the fungi and trichomoniasis can be ascending infection, and finally cause the cervicitis. 
In this case, the patient not only go with the symptoms of genital itching and peeling, but the abnormal vaginal discharge, purulent discharge, or the abdominal pain can also perform. When take the check of colposcopy, we can see the cervix congestion and swelling, and the most common case is the cervical erosion. Besides, the cervicitis and vaginitis often occur together, so if it left untreated for a long time, then the inflammation's long-term violation of the patient's body would eventually lead to fertility.
Physical therapy or surgery treatment
Patients can be treated with drugs, physical therapy or surgery. But the patients with genital peeling and itching are recommended to take physical therapy rather than surgery as the effect of physical therapy is more obvious. However, in fact, this therapy risks a higher recurrence rate, so it is not the best treatment. 
Drug therapy
Generally speaking, the drug therapy is the main form to treat cervicitis. Among all the drugs, the Chinese medicine Fuyan pill has become a leader in the treatment of such diseases with the features of efficacy and no side effects. 
Fuyan pill
Fuyan pill based on promoting blood circulation, while adding some medicines with the effect of detoxification and dampness removing, so it can not only to eliminate the patient's cervical tissue lesions, but also to clean the fungi, trichomonas and other pathogens, and achieve the goal of eliminating inflammation in the body and improving the patient's body.

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