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Abnormal vaginal discharge can be a sign of vaginitis and cervicitis

As we all know, the formation of vaginal discharge is closely related to the estrogen, so generally, girls during their pre-adolescent have no vaginal discharge to see. When they enter into puberty, the ovaries begin to develop, and secrete the estrogen. In this case, all the reproductive organs start to be promoted. And then the vaginal discharge comes into being. 

During the menopause, with the ovarian function declining and body estrogen lacking, vagina becomes dry without vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is the beneficial body fluids that secreted by the female reproductive tract and eliminated by the vagina. All the healthy women will go with the symptoms of the normal vaginal discharge. But where it comes from? Somebody will ask. The fact is that it is comes from the cervix and vagina. It makes the vagina maintain certain humidity, and surely prevent the invasion of the bacteria.
Abnormal vaginal discharge 
To check whether the vaginal discharge is normal, one should observe it from the color, texture and smell. Normal vaginal discharge should be white or colorless and transparent, sometimes with slightly fishy smell. The secrete amount is affected by the estrogen and progesterone. It is also changes with the menstrual cycle on quantity and quality.
Generally speaking, there will be less vaginal discharge after menstruation. And before the period of ovulation, the estrogen level increased while prompting the proliferation of cervical glandular epithelial cell. The increased cervical mucus secretion and sodium chloride content then stimulate the ovulation, therefore, the vaginal discharge increased. At that time, the vaginal discharge presents the thin quality and clear color. During the end of the ovulation, progesterone is decreased; as a result, it becomes the thick texture and white color.
Commonly, if you happen to get the symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge, or with some changed of color, texture and smell, then some kinds of diseases will catch you. some details about the amount of vaginal discharge, the underwear health, the time of occurrence and so on are all you should know.

Q: Yellow discharge after menstruation
A: if you only get the yellow discharge after menstruation and without some other discomfort symptoms, and if the lasting time of yellow discharge is short, then it is probably caused by the uterine contraction that excluding a small amount of uterine blood. However, if it appears the abdominal pain, and the yellow secretion is long time existing and smelling, then you can consider whether it is caused by the chronic cervicitis and uterine infections. However, no matter which one it is, you should have the appropriate treatment under the guidance of a doctor.
If you are infected with the vaginitis or cervicitis, do not worry, the herbal medicine fuyan pill is the right medicine for these diseases. Fuyan pill has the effects of heat-clearing and detoxifying; it can kill various pathogens and eliminate the inflammation. At the same time, it also goes with the effect of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and invigorating spleen, which can well eliminate symptoms like abnormal leucorrhea and pain. it can radically cure cervicitis and vaginitis in a short time and achieve the goal of curing it permanently.

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