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Attention: living habits are very likely to cause colpitis mycotica!
75% women in the world are infected with colpitis mycotica. Though this is an ailment that can be easily cured, it has a rather high recurrent rate, reaching as high as four times a year. Therefore, it is of great importance to find out its root causes so that measures can be taken to prevent its relapse. Researchers have found out that, athlete's foot is the most common source of this illness.
In a family, even if only one member has athlete's foot, colpitis mycotica is likely to occur. The reason mainly lies in the fact that many families wash underwear and socks together, which is in fact unscientific. This kind of laundry will spread mucor on the shoes and socks to underwear. Once wearing infected underwear, females are very likely to get colpitis mycotica. Therefore, for the sake of health, it should be forbidden to wash underwear with socks together. 
In fact, except the athlete's foot, there are many other living habits that can cause colpitis mycotica. Here is a list of another six common causes:
Wearing chemical fiber underwear
The chemical fiber underwear always has bad air permeability. And this will lead to the increased temperature in vagina, creating a suitable condition for mold breeding.
Excessive cleaning
Washing the vagina frequently easily builds a humid environment. And it changes the normal PH environment of the vagina. This humid and acid environment offers convenience for mold breeding.
Improper contraception 
The estrogen in birth control pills can promote mold invasion, resulting in recurrent colpitis mycotica.
The abuse of antibiotics
The long-term use of antibiotics can inhibit the function of partial probiotics, destroying the normal relationship between vaginal floras, the mold thereby multiplying. 
Not treating the partners
It is estimated that about 10% of men will suffer balanoposthitis. So if one suffers colpitis mycotica, then both the patient herself and her partner should be treated. In this way the recurrent rate of colpitis mycotica can be greatly decreased. Once suffering this infection, females can use alkaline conditions to wash vagina and use some drugs for external use to eliminate the mold. 
Neglect of the public hygiene
Public facilities always contain large amounts of mold. For example, the public baths and closestools are all good places for mold breeding. 
The colpitis mycotica often causes the Cervicitis, Pelvic inflammatory disease and Adnexitis. To treat these complex conditions, the herbal medicine fuyan pill is recommended. 

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