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Treating senile vaginitis with traditional Chinese medicine

Ovarian function declines after menopause, causing reduced estrogen levels, thin vaginal epithelium and low resistance to bacteria invasion. Under these circumstances, vaginitis is easy to occur. And we call this senile vaginitis. For the treatment of this illness, mostly adopted method is hormone treatment at present. However, the side effects of this therapy are great. And as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) always treats diseases without any side effects, and then is there any TCM to treat senile vaginitis? How about the curative effects? 


In TCM, senile vaginitis can be divided into the category of leukorrhagia and itching according to its symptoms. And as its pathogenesis is mainly believed to relate to the dysfunction of liver, spleen and kidney; the treatment will begin from the conditioning of the three Zang-organs, mainly tonifying deficiency, clearing away dampness and heat. As long as patients choose the right treatment, disease can be effectively cured. Takefuyan pill, an effective herbal medicine for senile vaginitis, for example.


Fuyan pill is created by Dr. Lee after more than 30 years research. According to the clinical stasis, if patients can follow the doctor's advice, being on a strict diet control, they can be radically cured with a low recurrence rate!


Fuyan pill is a formula-completed medicine. In fuyan pill, radix bupleuri can soothing liver-qi stagnation; poria cocos is able to tonify the spleen and reduce phlegm; radix scutellariae works on eliminating heat and dampness, and removing toxic materials; herbs like atractylodes and angelica sinensis can regulate the liver, spleen and kidney. With the reasonable combination of more than 50 herbs, fuyan pill is effective in treating senile vaginitis.


In addition, compared with hormone therapy, fuyan pill can remove the lesions. It can uproot the disease. Proceeding from conditioning the viscera function, fuyan pill adjusts the overall environment of patients. When the internal environment returns to normal, the disease will be cured. And as the overall mechanism is improved, the disease rarely relapses after the cure.


In a word, senile vaginitis can be eradicated by TCM. And as long as patients choose the right drugs, the curative effect is better than western medicine. Patients can take fuyan pill, a patented TCM, to get a cure. 


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