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Monilial vaginitis: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
Monilial vaginitis, which is also called mycotic vaginitis, is a common gynecological disease for many females especially for pregnant women and patients with diabetes. The followings are talking about causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments of monilial vaginitis.
Monilial vaginitis is mainly caused by candida albicans that is normally found in your vagina. With a candida infection, vaginitis can be caused by overgrown candida that can upset the chemical balance of vagina.
There are two main conditions that are easy to cause monilial vaginitis. On the one hand, when the amount of glycogen or acidity in the vagina increases or the immunity of human body decreases, it is a high rate to cause monilial vaginitis. On the other hand, patients who have taken wide-spectrum antibiotics or adrenocortical hormone are most likely to suffer from this disease.
Besides, famine of vitamins like multivitamins or severe transmitted diseases also can cause monilial vaginitis.
The main symptoms of monilial vaginitis are incredible itching of vulva, even ulcerating pain and burning pain, which are more apparent when you are passing urine. Some patients may have frequent urination, urinary pain and pure pain, sticky leucorrhea, with a shape of white bean curd or curd. The skin is covered with white pseudo membrane, and the mucous membrane becomes red after wiping, etc.
In addition, monilial vaginitis patients may suffer from increase of leucorrhoea in quantity, itching and burning of genital and vagina, pain while urinating, redness and swelling around vulva and the cuticular changes are varied. Some may also have swarms of shallow blister papula. Usually, there may form eczema-like erosion, which is completely similar to acute or subacute eczema, and this is limited to the vulva or expands to the surrounding and the perineum and around anus and reproductive plica, till the thigh and skin somewhere else.
Meanwhile, near the labia and clitoris may appear mucosa thickening. And the skin surface may flush and erose when contacting other skin. Some individuals can have small white pustules, even ulcer, vulvar pain and local lymph node enlargement when it serious.
Besides, there are about 10% females and 30% pregnant women who are infected by monilial vaginitis, but they don't have any clinical manifestation.
In clinic, there are three ways to diagnose monilial vaginitis. 
First, vaginal discharge can be taken onto the glass sheet. Then add a drop of sodium chloride solution or potassium hydroxide solution onto the glass sheet and cover it, thought appropriate heating, the glass sheet can be surveyed under the microscope.Red blood cells, white blood cells and epithelial cells can dissolve immediately while mould can be shown as linear fiber or mycelium. However, the accuracy rate of this method is just 60%.
Second, the glass sheet with vaginal discharge can be done by gram stain. Under he microscope, mould can be easily recognized. And the accuracy rate of this method adds to 80%.
Third, Enzyme bacteria culture is the most reliable method. The disease can be diagnosed if mould is cultivated.
When diagnosed as monilial vaginitis, your doctor may suggest you use suppository or cream and take antibiotics. There are several kinds of anti-monilial vaginal creams and suppositories specific for monilial vaginitis. For recurrent infection, you can use a suppository or cream in the vagina 2 times a week, or as directed. Of course, you also have to take antibiotics under your doctor's guidance. However, it is better for you not to take antibiotics for a long time due to its drug resistance.
As traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been known by more and more people, there are many Chinese herbal medicines curing monilial vaginitis. For example, Fuyan pill, which is made from more than 50 kinds of herbs, can help you to solve the problem without any side effect, thus reliving your pain completely. The prescriptions with the function of clearing away heat and toxic materials can help patients to get rid of damp, toxic and bacteria. Besides, other ingredients in the pill are able to promote blood circulation. Symptoms like pain and swelling can be relieved. Therefore, It can cure monilial vaginitis once and for all.
Besides, it is said that eating more yogurt may help prevent monilial vaginitis in the daily life.


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