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Cervical erosion: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in TCM

As more and more women have sought gynecological advice on cervical erosion, cervical erosion becomes so common that it is necessary for them to know about cervical erosion like causes, symptoms, conservative and safe treatment-TCM.

Generally speaking, cervical erosion is a condition that occurs when the squamous epithelial cells grow out of the cervix and form an inflamed, red, velvet-type area that looks eroded and infected. 

Causes of cervical erosion

There are many causes of cervical erosion that can be trauma, chemicals, infections or carcinoma. Besides, tampon use, trauma of multiple childbirths or an intrauterine contraceptive device for a long time also can cause cervical erosion. Meanwhile, hormones can lead to cervical erosion as well and it mostly happens among young women who are used to take oral contraceptive pills.

On the other hand, acute and chronic infections are common causes of cervical erosion. Generally, cervical erosions are more common in women of lower socioeconomic groups with poor general hygiene, early marriage and multiple pregnancies. 

Symptoms and diadnosis of cervical erosion

Cervical erosion is easy to be found on routine gynecological examination in women. The common symptoms of cervical erosion include vaginal discharge or leucorrhoea, pain, difficulty in passing urine, bleeding after intercourse. However, there are some patients with cervical erosion who don't have obvious symptoms.

On gynecological examinations, cervix appears red and granular for cervical erosion patients. Pap smear is usually used and it can show signs of infection or some abnormal cells. Therefore, Pap smear is a common test method to decide if treatment is needed or not. Then Cone biopsy is done if indicated.

Treatment in TCM

As traditional Chinese medicine has become more and more popular, many patients with cervical erosion would like to take TCM as the ideal treatment. Take fuyan pill as an example. Due to ingredients of more than 50 kinds of pure natural herbs, fuyan pill has the function of killing bacteria, clearing away inflammation, promoting blood circulation etc. cervical erosion can be cured by fuyan pill radically and it isn't necessary for patients to worry about the side effect for its pure natural ingredients.


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