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Fumigation treatment with Chinese prickly ash helps eliminate vaginitis

The same as any other gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammation disease, salpingitis and endometritis, vaginitis has a big influence on female health. Compared to those common treatments widely used in clinical cases, many Chinese female patients are more willing to adopt some folk remedies, such as fumigation with boiled water of Chinese prickly ash; this treatment will help eliminate vaginitis to a degree.


In the viewpoints of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Chinese prickly ash has the functions of clearing heat and removing toxin, resolving dampness and relieving itching, thus Chinese prickly ash is also known as excellent herbs of curing disease. Therefore, fumigation treatment with Chinese prickly ash will be an effective treatment which is available to most of female patients..


The specific procedures are: take 30 grams of Chinese prickly ash seeds, and then, put them into the water (About 2000 ml) and boil them for about 20—30 minutes. When capacity of boiled water decreases up to 1500 ml, it will be ok. And after that, you can take fumigation treatment, along with the hot steam. Generally speaking, you may need to keep twice one day, and 20 minutes each time is enough.


In order to achieve better effect, you can take further steps, namely sitz bath with boiled water of Chinese prickly ash. In order to prevent bums of skin or overstimulation of Chinese prickly ash you'd better keep the temperature in about 40 degrees so that you can keep comfort.


What you need to do after you boiled Chinese prickly ash is to find a tub and sit on it in a comfortable sitting posture. Normally, the time you have a sitz bath is no need to keep so long, 20 minutes each time is enough. 


If the degree of itching is extremely severe, you may need to put more Chinese prickly ash seeds into the water, when the water is warm, you can wipe the tissue using a clean towel with some boiled water for several times. Moreover, do not put disinfection liquids into the tub and do not eat spicy food at the same time.


Expect fumigation treatment with Chinese prickly ash, branches of Chinese prickly ash can also come in handy. The specific procedures are: take 200 grams of fresh Chinese prickly ash branches and then boil them with clean water, when the temperature reduced to 40 degree, you can have a sitz bath and keeping twice within 20 minutes a day.


In a word, fumigation treatment with Chinese prickly ash helps eliminate vaginitis, however, inflammation is easy to relapse from time to time. Therefore, you'd better take other herbal medicine such as fuyan pill to eliminate inflammation and kill bacteria at the same tine in order to consolidate effect. If necessary, you can use disinfectant with your doctor's permission.


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