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What's the morbidity rate of vaginitis in unmarried women?

What is vaginitis?


Vaginitis is an inflammation of vagina. As for a healthy woman, her vagina has natural defense function as pathogen's invasion because of some features in human physiology and anthropotomy. However, when vagina's defense function is destroyed, the pathogen is easier to invade in vagina so that vaginitis exists. Generally speaking, such a disease is often found in married women, but to our surprise, nowadays it also occurs in most unmarried women. 


Why the morbidity rate of vaginitis in unmarried women is so high?


Here let's learn the reasons why unmarried women have a vaginitis. Firstly, most unmarried women usually like wearing panty girdle or any other tights, which leads to vagina is airproof. Therefore, the accumulation of vaginal excretion causes vagina. Secondly, vagina may occur owing to some sexually transmitted diseases and inflammatory infection of adjacent organs. For example, the existence of salpingitis, oophoritis, appendicitis, pelvioperitonitis and other inflammation can result in vagina. Besides, paying no attention to menstrual hygiene is also one of the reasons to cause vagina. As for most unmarried women, sometimes they know nothing about how to protect their vagina from being invaded by germs. What's more, sedentary habits become a contributing factor. Sitting for a long time always leads to bad blood circulation so that pubes will be in an airproof environment, which offers a chance to bacterial growth and then causes vaginitis. At the same time, sitting for a long time influences adnexitis' expulsion of toxin too. This will develop the tendency in vaginitis. All these factors are common ones for the existence of vaginitis, especially for unmarried women. Therefore, the morbidity rate of vaginitis in unmarried women is higher and higher.


Here take the result of a research coming from a medical association's information center in Anhui province, China as an example. In this research, 343 unmarried women who have vaginitis are taken as respondents to explore the related causes of leading to vaginitis in unmarried women. The result shows that premarital sex is the most important predisposing factor of vaginitis in unmarried women. Caring little about perineal protection after having sex results in bacterial growth so that it allows vaginitis to appear.


An effective remedy for curing Vaginitis: Fuyan pill.


Fuyan pill, made out of Chinese herbs, work effectively on treating female reproductive and urinary system diseases such as colpitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease, Endometriosis, salpingitis, tubal blockage, female infertility which are caused by Mycoplasma or Chlamydia.


Such a pill helps to clear up bacteria and viruses existing in women's pubes so that it is propitious to protect the pubes. As for vaginitis patients, taking this medicine is also good for blood circulation because this pill can remove blood stasis. Meanwhile, Fuyan pill acts on promoting the menstrual availably. Why not try to cure vaginitis by such an effective pill?


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