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Can cervicitis prevent one from getting pregnant?

We are familiar with the situation that many American couples are facing the problem of increased infertility rate today, How could this be? A survey shows that most women can’t get pregnant because of various gynecological diseases and their ignorance of the diseases, such as cervicitis. Some women always think that cervicitis is just a general gynecological disease, at last what surprises them most is that their infertility is caused by cervicitis after inspecting in the hospital. Since many people wonder about this, Can cervicitis prevent one from getting pregnant?


While one has inflammation in her cervix, pus cells will swallow sperms and impair the motility, shortening sperms’ life. Even if there are some survived sperms, it is still difficult to get into uterine cavity through cervical canal because of the thickness and purculency of leucorrhea caused by inflammation, which will reduce the pregnancy rate or lead to infertility directly. The reasons why cervicitis prevent one from getting pregnant can be listed as following:


1. When the inflammatory lesions occur, there will be some white blood cells in the secretions, which makes sperms be wrapped and swallowed.


2. As the cervical secretion becomes viscous and forms into a foreign body, blocking the cervical canal, which affects the combination of sperm and ovum badly.


3. When the lesions develop to the parts at the opening of cervix or vagina, the PH value in one’s body will be changed abnormally. What’s more, pathogen and its metabolic poisons will reduce the motile ability of sperm, causing intractable antenatal hemorrhage and endangering the safety of fetuses. Therefore, It is extremely important for a patient with cervicitis to get treated timely and correctly to avoid infertility. Then how to cure it successfully?


What we have to mention here is a magical TCM - Fuyan pill. It is always preferred by most patients with gynecological diseases as it follows the principle of overall treatments. It can not only enhance the immune function of patients, but also cure disease from the root. It is a best choice for patients with cervicitis to avoid infertility completely.



Cervicitis is considered as the symptom of vaginal discharge embolism, while this symptom is mainly caused by damp evil, which hurts conception and governor vessels and makes Ren channel unstable. Damp evil includes the external dampness and internal dampness. Dysfunctions of liver, spleen and kidney are the main reasons of causing internal dampness, while long-time living in humid areas and getting wet in the rain are the main reasons of causing external dampness. Therefore, cervicitis need to be treated with the medicine with the functions of clearing away heat and toxic materials, dehumidifying and promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis.

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