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Can the BV be a reason of infertility in women?

BV which is also known as bacterial vaginitis is a syndrome caused by diverse infection that can disorder the microecological environment, induce the increase of vaginal discharge, produce fishing smell and bring burning or itching sensation on vulva. Generally speaking, BV can be classified into haemophilis vaginitis, Corynebacterium Vaginitis, Gartner Vagintis and so on.


But can the BV be a reason of infertility in women? Most of the time, the microecological environment of vagina is healthy and the PH is around 3.8 to 4.5, which is suitable for sperm passing and staying. Therefore, it is able to bring infertility in women, if the environment of vagina is destroyed,


If one has BV, the PH will be higher than 4.5. The change of the PH can restrain the movement of sperm, because BV makes the vagina discharges lots of secretion which contains lots of white blood cell that can affect the movement of sperm. What’s more, in such situation, the bacteria in vagina will eat sperm and make the numbers of sperm reduced. Therefore, BV might bring infertility to women.


In addition to this reason, the BV can also bring diseases like tubal conditions and pelvic inflammatory disease to women, resulting in infertility.


Not only can the BV bring reproductive problem to women, but also it can affect patient’s work and study. During pregnant period, the consequence becomes severe, for it can endanger the fetus and lead to miscarriage.


Since the BV can bring the infertility to women, how to prevent it and cure it becomes top concern of women.


1. Accepting treatment actively and timely, which can reduce the damage caused by BV into the minimum


2. BV patient should avoid spicy food and eat more yoghourt that contains plenty of Lactobacillus acidophilus.


3. Changing underwear every day. The underwear should be washed alone in warm water.


4. Avoid sitting on public toilet or other public place.


5. Taking Fuyan Pill to get a cure. Fuyan pill has strong ability to clear bacterial and other toxic materials. What’s more, this herbal medicine can also improve balances the environment of vainga and the self-healing ability. Generally speaking, BV can be cured by fuyan pill within around three months.


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