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Fuyan pill – a permanent cure of yellowish leucorrhea, straining feeling on waist

Females are disadvantaged, not only because they are not strong, but also because they are vulnerable. Symptoms like straining feeling on waist and yellowish leucorrhea that are commonly seen are damages caused by gynecological disease which is main threat of women.

Straining feeling on waist, in addition to some external causes, is more commonly led by gynecological infection like endometritis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, and cervicitis. This symptom caused by the latter one should be valued and cured in qualified hospital timely.


Abnormal vagina discharge indicates gynecological disease. Generally, Leucorrhea which is always considered as a signal of health of women is white, sticky and smellless. Yellowish vagina discharge always happens after chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, colpomycosis, or trichomonas vaginitis, while watery leucorrhea frequently occurs behind endometritis.


Traditional Chinese medication shows excellent performance on gynecological disease all the time. For the two symptoms, clearing heat and toxic materials, and promoting blood circulation are two aspects that need. Fuyan pill which has the two functions is the right treatment of this condition and can uproot both symptoms.


Besides the two symptoms, nidus can also be terminated by Fuyan pill. Diseases like endometriosis, adenomyosis, pelvic inflammatory diseases, chlamydia, and tubal condition are curable and the effect is awesome.


Straining feeling on waist and yellowish vaginal discharge which are common are actually decreasing patients ’quality life greatly. Severe consequences would take place if there is no timely treatment. Victims should accept proper treatment in time after diagnosis. 

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