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What you can tell from leucorrhea?

 Leucorrhea what is discharge from vagina has nothing with detoxification or metabolism. The compound fluid which is also known as vaginal discharge comes from women’s genitals. Its amount relates to the secretive and exudative function of endometrium, vagina mucosa and cervix.


Four functions of leucorrhea

Lubricating vagina is one of the most import functions among all the four functions of leucorrhea. The vagina normally is closed. But the moisture environment caused by leucorrhea reduces the friction of vaginal wall, protecting vagina from damage. However, some women tend to douche it, which injures the vagina mucosa by decreasing the vaginal discharge. What is more, infiltrated in the moisture condition, vagina mucosa will be more flexible, leading to high quality sex. Three other functions are preventing infection, helping get pregnant, and disease indicator.


Healthy leucorrhea exists in various statuses

Leucorrhea which is white, sticky, smell-less and in a small amount, which can be seen in websites or books everywhere, isn’t just the one appearance. In fact, leucorrhea can also be less or transparent based on the change of age, hormone level, living habit, eating habit and so on.


However, if you have these types of vaginal discharge, you might need treatments like antibiotics or herbal medicine Fuyan pill.


1.      Purulent leucorrhea which is usually caused by infection commonly shows in yellow or green color. Moreover, this type of vaginal discharge always accompanies odor.

2.      Colorless sticky leucorrhea is more often seen on women who have endocrine dyscrasia or take hormone drugs. This type of leucorrhea increases after period commonly.

3.      Hemic–leucorrhea is frequently considered as a signal of cervical cancer or benign disease around reproductive organs.

4.      White and flocculent leucorrhea that has bean-residue-shaped lumps in fluid means mycotic vaginitis.

5.      Brown leucorrhea results from slightly hemorrhagic vaginal discharge.

6.      Purulent leucorrhea that contains blood, which is rare, is a symptom of amebic vaginitis.

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