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Why the Fuyan Pill is Better than Antibiotics on Treating Bacterial Vaginosis?

As an inflammation, Bacterial Vaginosis is a noticeable and irritating condition that can be reoccurring. The human vaginal zone already operates with a combination of temperature, chemicals and bacteria. When functioning correctly, a balance is maintained. When bacterial flora is out of balance, significant growth can occur which then causes inflammation and symptoms until the balance is restored again.


Bacterial Vaginosis is particularly common in women who are pregnant as well as in those who are able to bear children but are not yet pregnant. It can also be easily mistaken for a yeast infection because of the discomfort and discharge involved.

The condition is noticed by a vaginal discharge as well as a bad smell. The smell is due to the gasses the bacteria produce, and the discharge comes from the vaginal walls as the internal moisture levels mix with the bacterial flora. The discharge can be particularly noticeable right after sexual intercourse. However, while the presence of the bacteria is not outright painful, it can still have ramifications.

Women who give birth while suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis are more likely to have a premature birth or a child with below average birth weight. This is a critical issue as low birth weight often produces complications and additional support needed for a newborn and potential health conditions that are present well into early childhood.

When the bacteria make its way well into the uterus or even into the fallopian tubes, then it gets classified as a pelvic inflammatory disease, or PID. The serious ramifications here are that the inflammation can make it impossible to become pregnant or the fallopian tubes become damaged, which creates the risk of an ectopic pregnancy germination inside the tube instead of in the uterus). Infertility clearly can be life-changing but an ectopic pregnancy can be lethal. In both cases the bacteria needs to be removed as soon as possible.

It is true that Bacterial Vaginosis can be eliminate by the body in time, but it can get a lot worse before a patient becomes better. So treatment is recommended when the bacterial flora is identified as the culprit.


Before and during pregnancy women should be tested for the presence of Bacterial Vaginosis. Early identification can prevent complications from setting in, requiring stronger treatments. The same should occur before having a surgery for an abortion or hysterectomy to prevent bacterial presence infection during the surgery.

Normal treatment of the condition is the use of antibiotics. However, this approach, using metronidazole or clindamycin, will damage other bacteria in the body as well, making it harder to restore balance. And these medicines cannot be used when a patient is pregnant. On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine has had a natural tool available for centuries to treat the condition in a far safer manner.


The Fuyan Pill deal with the primary problems that enhance the harmful bacteria but removing levels of excess moisture, toxicity and bacterial population levels. Instead, the Fuyan Pill enhances blood circulation which in turn increases temperature and removes wastes faster. Utilizing the natural defenses of the body, the Fuyan Pill bolsters the body to defend itself, thereby also reducing the bacterial flora and improving health.

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